BBC Scotland journalist Tom English had a bone to pick with Celtic supporters on Sportsound yesterday evening.

In a clip posted on their Twitter profile, English uses words like ‘hypocrites’ and ‘bed-wetting’ to describe the section of the support who have criticised Neil Lennon over the last week.

The outspoken reporter, who often prompts a big reaction on social media from a variety of Scottish football fans, believes that Celtic fans are ‘drunk on success’ of the nine-in-a-row era.

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Needless to say, it opened up plenty of debate and English might have been surprised to receive the backing of many Bhoys supporters.

There’s certainly a section of the support who are firmly in the Lennon camp and don’t believe it’s time to panic quite yet.

Others, like my colleague Hamish Carton on the 67 Hail Hail channel, do feel his time is up and that it’s unlikely there’ll be a famous Lennon fightback this season.



Sorry to disappoint, but I am genuinely somewhere in the middle.

I am deeply concerned about the direction we are heading and I do think many of the problems are of the coaching team’s making.

I am also worried about the way Lennon is on a matchday, slumping in the dugout and rarely seen to be communicating with his assistants.

However, I also fully recognise that he almost always delivers the goods in the end and that to sack a club legend after a poor start to the season would be seen as exceptionally harsh.

I actually find myself agreeing with some points English makes too, though I would caveat that with the fact we don’t really need to be taking lessons from him.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Celtic manager Neil Lennon / (Photo by RUSSELL CHEYNE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Rightly or wrongly, there is definitely panic amongst the fans right now and we could perhaps do with a little bit of calm heading into a crucial period.

The reality is, regardless of your view, the club are not going to be rushed into any rash decisions.

So let’s support the manager, the team and see how it all pans out. The divided support right now is not a good thing.

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