Tommy Johnson doesn't look like joining Celtic as a scout

By John McGinley

October 16, 2019

Celtic scouting target Tommy Johnson is set to be appointed in some capacity at an English League One club, according to Southend United chairman Ron Martin, talkSPORT report.

It was reported back in August that Lennon was hoping to add Johnson to his backroom staff as a scout, bolstering the clubs ability to recruit in upcoming transfer windows.

However, after the collapse of a Henrik Larsson and Johnson managerial dream team at Southend, their chairman has revealed he is on his way to another English third-tier side.

Johnson has also apparently upset the Celtic legend he used to play with after pulling out of the Southend deal.

As quoted by talkSPORT, Martin said: “Henrik and I get on really, really well, there was just a natural affinity almost from day one and he’s a pretty cool customer, but he was absolutely fuming when he got the call from Tommy, and the rest is history.

“Henrik didn’t have anybody else in mind and he needed to hit the ground running, so it just took the wind out of his sales. It’s disappointed us all.

“Tommy is going to another League One club, which we found equally surprising. I don’t know which one, he wouldn’t say.”

(Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Looks like Hammond’s domain now

Back in August, Celtic’s recruitment set-up was in a state of limbo after the departure of Lee Congerton to Leicester City.

Initially appointed on a short-term basis, Nick Hammond conducted a review of the club’s scouting and recruitment set-up. He’s now been named Head of Football Operations at the club.

Any scouting appointments are now likely to be the kind of decision he makes, rather than Lennon.

The Hoops boss has traditionally worked with former teammates, but what kind of recruitment strategy Hammond goes for remains to be seen.

Will he bring in old colleagues to help with scouting, or conduct a new search for best available candidates?

Hopefully it’s all sorted out well in advance of January however it shakes out.