Trevor Sinclair defends Celtic after ridiculous idea from TalkSPORT host

By David Walton

August 12, 2020

Former West Ham and Man City star Trevor Sinclair last night lept to the defence of Celtic after a ridiculous idea was put forward by TalkSPORT’s Adrian Durham.

Durham, well known for his anti-Celtic views in the past (Daily Mail), was at it once again last night. The radio host posed a question on social media that asked whether the Hoops and Aberdeen should be docked points for recent player breaches with regards to regulations on the current health pandemic.

Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli let his side down / (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

This then led to Sinclair calling the idea out in response, with Durham continuously putting forward the desperate argument. It came after Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli broke quarantine rules after a secret trip to Spain, whilst eight Aberdeen players also had to self isolate after a night out.

Here’s a look at the correspondence between Sinclair and Durham from last night:

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The Celtic link that people are itching to make

Durham continues to spout more and more nonsense, but Sinclair did the sensible thing and just left him to rant. Because the truth is, when you come across the way Durham has in the past with Celtic, people lose respect for your opinion on that specific club.

There are plenty out there who are itching to make the link that would see Celtic somehow hammered for this Boli situation. Yet, the truth is, the club’s only crime was giving the players two days off.

As Sinclair says, players can’t be treated as if they’re part of the Truman show. You need to value them as people and give them space to live their personal lives in private. All Neil Lennon is guilty of is giving his players some time off and having some trust in them to follow his instructions.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon made no excuses for Bolingoli / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

People will say that Celtic should be docked points for this. They’ll then turn around and ask why everyone should be punished for one or two clubs’ actions. However, they can’t quite see the irony in everyone at a football club being punished for one individual’s actions in his private life.

If Celtic do get punished, as the Daily Mail believes could happen, it will surely just be a fine of some sort. Anything over that and you’re getting into dangerous precedent territory.

As for Durham, we’ll see whether he revisits this argument should it be a Rangers player who breaches quarantine next.

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