Walker tears into Celtic board; highlights lack of respect for supporters

By David Walton

February 14, 2021

Sky Sports pundit Andy Walker has ripped into the Celtic board for its lack of respect and engagement with supporters.

The Hoops faithful have long been asking for some clear communication from the club. Consistent questions have been asked as to why Neil Lennon has remained in his managerial post despite making a colossal mess of our 10-in-a-row pursuit. A lack of acknowledgment from the club on this key issue has led to anger stretching to Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond also.

Celtic didn’t help matters when they stated they would review the matter in the new year before then failing to do so. This was said in an official club statement back in December. However, with results continuing to deteriorate as we kicked off 2021, the board have simply ignored constant requests from supporters on what’s going on regarding said review.

Today, Walker, an unlikely ally for Celtic fans, hit out at the club for failing to address key supporter concerns.

“Tell them”

Speaking on Sky Sports Main Event today [14/02, 11:25], Walker said: “I have no doubt that Celtic supporters will give up their money again. They’ll put money into the club. It’s their club, they’ll support it through thick and thin. You’ll get season tickets renewed in huge numbers. But I think they deserve a wee bit more respect.

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“What is happening? If Neil Lennon is going to be in charge next season? Tell them. If it’s going to be someone else? Tell them. If there’s a new structure in place that is going to be so different? Tell them. Let the fans know. Let them get excited about the prospect of next season. There is nothing to get excited about regarding Celtic next season at the moment.

“It looks very likely that the Scottish Cup won’t be played to its conclusion this season. The league title is gone – Celtic will finish second. But engage with the supporters and give them a bit of hope for next term. That’s all they’re looking for. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

Walker not wrong; but we know why Celtic board won’t address these concerns

It’s difficult to know whether the appointment of Dominic McKay as Chief Executive come the end of the season was meant to help tone down fan anger. It hasn’t. All it’s done is have fans hungry for more major Celtic resignations. None more so than the manager himself.

But we all know why the board won’t tell us anything. Because they don’t want to make the decision that supporters want. They don’t want to get rid of Lennon at the moment. There have been so many occasions where the timing has been right to give Neil his P45. Celtic have failed to use these moments wisely.

For many of us, we assume that major changes will come to the club in the summer. Yes, that should include the resignation or sacking of the manager. The club perhaps doesn’t want to entertain a statement detailing this at the moment. After all, why would Lennon stay until the summer if he has no carrot of a long-term future here?

Dominic McKay represents change at Celtic, but he needs to bring in a new manager / (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

What we hope isn’t the case is that the manager still has an opportunity to save himself. That a strong end to the season will help sway the board. You imagine that wouldn’t be the case with a new Chief Executive coming in, however. He’ll want to put his own stamp on things, and Lennon staying in charge wouldn’t help the portrayal of change that Celtic will want their supporters to sense.

In any case, the way Celtic have operated this season with regards to communication is a disgrace. They’ve refused to actually provide fans with an update as they’re simply too fearful of our reaction to what they want to happen. That’s not even taking into account the sheer incompetence of the decision-making either. All we’ve covered here are the morals behind it.

Walker, for all of the reasons you can criticise him for, isn’t wrong with anything he says here.

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