Watch: Ange's first club break into Celtic anthem after thrilling away win

By Euan Davidson

February 26, 2022

It wouldn’t be unfair to say there’s some crossover between fans of South Melbourne and Celtic these days.

Both clubs share a heritage of standing up for an immigrant community. South Melbourne and Celtic share a general political outlook, both fiercely represent a cause bigger than the locality, and – obviously – both now have Ange Postecoglou in common.

Since Ange Postecoglou took the Celtic job, there have been a few gestures of goodwill from Ange’s first side. Most recently, a kit inspired by the Bhoys. This morning (Celtic Park Time), though, South Melbourne went a step further, after a thrilling away win over Bentleigh: a rendition of a famous Celtic song.

Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

In fact, we know it as THE Celtic song, with Glen Daly’s version being belted out at Paradise every home game.

South Melbourne gave it their own spin, after a last-gasp 3-2 win.

Of course, Glen Daly’s version doesn’t have an emphatic “AWOOOOUUH” after certain lines, and maybe it’s poorer for it? Who’s to say? Watch below:

A lot of Celtic fans’ new favourite Australian side won 3-2, thanks to goals like this absolute peach from Jai Ingham [South Melbourne FC]. Patrick Langlois and Marco Jankovic also scored for South Melbourne, who are now using Celtic songs in their repertoire.

We wonder which one they’ll use next? Very few clubs are welcome to lift from the Celtic songbook, but given the Ange Postcoglou connection, we don’t mind at all.

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Celtic and South Melbourne must surely meet for a match in the future

It’s been said before, but under Ange Postecoglou, a tour of Australia just has to happen.

Imagine the crowds at exhibition games against Brisbane Roar and South Melbourne? The absolute scenes on supporters’ boats (yes, boats)? Ange is absolutely beloved both by Celtic supporters and fans of Australian football. Obviously, a pre-season jaunt to Japan would also be most welcome.

But the outpouring of support from Australian Celtic supporters both old and new has been utterly remarkable. This is a footballing fanbase that A: doesn’t get enough credit, and B: show utter support for one of their finest footballing exports.

Photo by Allsport/Getty Images

This, from South Melbourne, is the latest demonstration of that connection. It’s something deeply meaningful to supporters of the club to see one of their guys making waves in Scotland. So, of course, we’re completely happy with them using “Grand Old Team”, “The Celtic Song”, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Ange Postecoglou himself will surely be touched by the gesture. He has always been and remains a vocal supporter of South Melbourne, sending a video offering good luck before an important FFA Cup game against A-League side Melbourne City, fierce local rivals.

Celtic v South Melbourne has to happen at some stage. If you like, consider this the official opening salvo in a campaign to make it happen.

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