Motherwell boss admits run ins with Eddie Howe but tips him to be fantastic Celtic manager

By Euan Davidson

April 2, 2021

Motherwell boss Graham Alexander could be in for a Burnley reunion, should Eddie Howe join Celtic.

Alexander was part of the furniture Lancashire outfit. Between the 07-08 and 11-12 seasons, the Coventry-born ex-Scotland international made 177 appearances for the Clarets [Transfermarkt].

Alexander had hoped to be appointed captain. However, when Howe arrived in October 2012 [BBC], it seems the ex-Bournemouth boss had different ideas.

The Motherwell manager reflected on that period of time, telling Not the Old Firm:

“We had our issues, me and him. Obviously I was fighting to be the club captain, but he had plans to change the team, and it needed changing. I only had an understanding of what he was going through then when I became a manager myself.

“[Now,] I look back and I’ve made the same decisions with players since that he made with me.

“I remember when I first got a manager’s job he sent me a nice message as well. I’ve got no issues going forward, but it wasn’t the best time for me on the pitch, but you could see the quality he had.

“He’s proven that at Bournemouth right through the divisions. Whichever club he goes in to as manager I think he will [do] a fantastic job.”

Graham Alexander played for Eddie Howe at Burnley / (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

No ill will for Eddie Howe from ‘Well boss Alexander

Alexander then backed Eddie Howe for the Celtic job. It’s a move which could make typically exciting Celtic v Motherwell clashes even more tantalising. In recent seasons, the two sides have played out absolute classics. Not least of those was the 4-3 December 2016 win [BBC], or the 2018 Scottish Cup Final.

Alexander said of Howe:

“I think his reputation is not a false one. It is build on results and success at different level. It will be a different challenge to what he had had before, but the quality managers adapt.

“His record is proven and he has worked at the top level in the Premier League, keeping Bournemouth up until obviously last season.

“Obviously the parameters at Celtic and Rangers are very extreme so that’s a challenge for any manager that goes into one of those jobs.” 

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