"We won't let you down"; Celtic remind supporters of Seville on 18-year anniversary

By Euan Davidson

May 21, 2021

Here’s one to make you feel ancient, Celtic supporters: the memories of Seville are now legally old enough to buy a pint.

Yep: 18 years ago today, the Bhoys descended on Andalusia in their thousands. 80,000 to be exact, making friends for life in the heat of Spain. After an incredible UEFA Cup run, Celtic weren’t able to win the trophy, but did win the hearts and minds of football supporters around Europe.

It was an incredible display of loyalty and passion. A significant portion of that 80,000 knew they wouldn’t get into the game. Still, by sea, air or on road, the Hoops faithful turned up regardless. Their trip to Seville won the club a FIFA Fair Play Award [Guardian], with Peter Lawwell telling the governing body:

“Celtic is a unique club with many thousands of fantastic supporters.

“This award is a tribute to all of them, as they showed in Seville last year, they are the best fans in the world.”

On a cold, grey morning in Glasgow, it’s quite the memory to evoke. Sure, the game itself didn’t go to plan, with Jose Mourinho’s questionable sportsmanship casting a shadow on proceedings, but Celtic were in it all the way through to extra time. A sending off for Bobo Balde and the threat of our opposition canceled out two iconic Larsson goals, and the majority of that Porto side would win the Champions League the following year.

A disappointment? Of course. But a disgrace? No chance.

In their thousands: Celtic supporters in Seville / (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Celtic reminding the fans how good they are has interesting timing

We’re not implying there’s anything sinister happening here, but it’s a timely reminder of how outstanding the Celtic family is. With all the chaos of our rivals’ title day still causing controversy in Scotland and further afield [Scotsman], it’s interesting to note that after a decade of dominance, Celtic supporters have been cast in a favourable light.

Of course, there’s the what-aboutery to be had on Twitter, if you’re interested, with claim and counter-claim being made about each support base. It’s very tiresome, and none of it is worth repeating here. However, you do have to wonder, with the quote they used, if Celtic were having a bit of a sly dig there.

If they were, they’re quite entitled to. However, if Celtic weren’t, it’s still a very valuable reminder of how amazing supporting the club can be, especially on the continent.

All being well, we’ll get to make new friends in Europe next season.

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