What Celtic supporters are saying about the Albian Ajeti kerfuffle; haven't missed the SFA

By John McGinley

February 4, 2021

It seems the only thing it takes to unite Celtic and the fans together is a spat with the Scottish FA.

Supporters have been at the throat of the club all week, and rightly so, but on Thursday both of them ended up in opposition with the Hampden decision-makers.

Albian Ajeti was retrospectively ‘charged’ for simulation after winning a penalty against Kilmarnock on Tuesday night.

Clips and replays of the incident show definite contact with the goalkeeper. You could argue that Ajeti goes down easily and that the penalty award was soft.

However, that doesn’t mean the Swiss international is a deceptive cheat worthy of a ban. That’s absurd.

It can both not be a penalty and not a dive.

Celtic are reported to be appealing the decision, with a meeting scheduled for Monday.

So, finally, the club and the support are on the same page.

I’m sure that won’t last long as the continued silence about the club’s future goes on.

Still, it’s nice to have a good old fashioned social media storm for once, rather than this new fangled unrest at the Celtic shambles.

It will be interesting to hear what Neil Lennon has to say about it all tomorrow given his recent media stance of saying what he likes when he likes.

These supporters have taken to Twitter today to share their thoughts on it all…