3 strange stunts that badly backfired on rivals after Celtic victory today

By John McGinley

April 3, 2022

This weekend has been an odd one for Rangers and not just because they were shown up by a resilient Celtic earlier this afternoon.

To be honest, they’ve been in a bit of a meltdown for a few weeks with the furore surrounding the Sydney Super Cup, their participation, the argument with fans and eventual pull-out.

No surprise that some of the behaviour from the club and their fans this weekend came across as strange and, in the end, entirely tinpot.

The Celtic victory has made all of the following look ridiculous and left them with a red face.

Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

The heavy-handed “Old Firm” branding

We get it. Rangers think the ‘Old Firm’ is a thing because they contend they are the same club. Celtic don’t. We know they were liquidated and had to start again. We don’t even want to be part of this dual-brand anyway.

Apparently, this ‘Old Firm’ thing was a large part of their withdrawal of the match in Australia. So today they probably thought they were having a right old laugh at our expense by plastering “This Is The Old Firm” all around the advertising hoardings and big boards.

They even had an ‘Old Firm’ branded arch over the tunnel when the teams came out for goodness sake.

Except – this looks really small time guys. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to prove here. We don’t want to be associated with you and it seems… you really do? Isn’t that odd in a rivalry such as this? Why are you so desperate to be aligned with us? It doesn’t really make any sense.

With us showing you up again on the pitch, it really looks like you are trying to hold on to our coattails here. If that’s what you want, charge on!

But I have to be honest Rangers, we’re probably not going to text you back.

Rangers 1-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

Rangers 1-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

The middle of the night fireworks display

Rangers fans seemed to think they could upset Celtic by setting off fireworks outside their hotel last night, as reported by The Daily Record.

Not only is that a gross misunderstanding of what this Ange Postecoglou team is all about – it just sounds like a bit of a waste of money.

Celtic’s energy today was fantastic. Surely Daizen Maeda got a good night’s sleep because he put more effort into today’s game than I think I have ever seen from a player.

To cap it all off, the club itself managed to have a dig at the petty supporters who indulged in such behaviour with a tweet that read: “Fireworks At Ibrox as the Bhoys deliver a cracking performance.”

My hat is duly tipped to the admin that runs the account. Well done!

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The plane over Ibrox

Yep, you may have missed it folks. But a plane flew over the stadium today trailing a banner that said: “Bring Home 56 GVB WATP” – as reported by The Scottish Sun.

Hard luck folks, that’s more money down the drain isn’t it?

It feels like the only thing Giovanni van Bronckhorst is going to be bringing home anytime soon is a P45 the way their fans are turning on him already.

He was handed a tough task after Steven Gerrard’s departure but after overseeing a massive points swing from them to us, many Rangers supporters seem to have had enough of him.

I don’t think they’ll be flying his name over the stadium behind a plane again anytime soon.

In other news, They called him the Celtic Caixinha and now he is their fear.