Aaron Ramsey to rivals means absolutely nothing as Celtic pressure has them in panic mode

By David Walton

January 31, 2022

So Aaron Ramsey looks set to join Rangers ahead of their clash with Celtic this week, and it’s the story that’s certainly been the talk of deadline-day.

I don’t think you’ll find a single Celtic supporter who doubts the quality Ramsey has got. He’s a fine footballer and an experienced international. Granted, that’s if you can keep him fit enough to stay on the pitch. The player has only played 90 minutes on 4 occasions since joining Juventus back in 2019 [Transfermarkt].

Rangers will be throwing a lot of cash at this one. But nobody has actually asked why. Why do they feel the need to splash out on such an expensive loan deal when we continuously hear that they’re miles ahead of us? Aren’t they supposed to have far and away the best squad in the country?

Photo by Daniele Badolato – Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

They know the reason. We know the reason. Everyone knows it. It’s because they’re now in total panic mode as Celtic close in on the top of the Premiership. We’re now only 2 points behind our rivals despite being as many as 6 away from them during the winter break.

Celtic have been on a relentless march in 2022 so far whilst Rangers have dropped points at Aberdeen and Ross County respectively. This screams of a signing they wouldn’t have bothered with had we not ramped up the pressure on them in recent games.

So Celtic should be taking this as a compliment. Their pursuit of Ramsey, whilst undoubtedly a coup for them if he can stay fit, is nothing more than a reaction to how good Celtic have been.

Aaron Ramsey won’t change anything for Rangers if Celtic keep the pressure on

So you’ll now have plenty telling you that Rangers are now clear favourites for the title. That they’ve signed a player of such pedigree that he’s effectively going to single-handedly turn the title race around for them. Yeah, okay.

The real truth is that this changes nothing for Celtic. Rangers remain a squad that continues to crumble under any prolonged periods of pressure. They’ve already shown that to be the case. Ramsey arriving doesn’t change a thing in that regard. He isn’t good enough to change an entire squad’s mentality, no one man is.

Ramsey’s arrival won’t minimise Celtic’s chances of winning their own fixtures. We still need to concentrate on what we’re doing and refuse to buy into the hype. Rangers are in desperate need to cling onto something after their embarrassing draw at County. They view Ramsey as that beacon of hope.

Photo by Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

There has also been some discussion that he’ll be in line to make his debut on Wednesday night [Wales Online]. Good luck with that. He’s only played 6 minutes since October and spent November and December injured. He wasn’t even part of Juventus’ match-day squads in January either [Transfermarkt].

If the Welshman does make his Rangers debut at Celtic Park, don’t expect him to be anywhere near his top level. In fact, we would like to think Celtic’s energy in the middle of the park would be able to run over him. Why not? Let’s not underestimate just how good we really are.

Wednesday is going to be a colossal match. And if Celtic come out with the points, it’ll take the sting right out of this deal.

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