Be warned Celtic: Fan anxiety will return in a big way if squad head to Wales with no new signings

By John McGinley

July 1, 2021

Right now it’s a generally optimistic time for the Celtic support, as the club prepare to head to a training camp in Wales next week.

Fans have bought close to 50,000 season tickets, we’ve been impressed by the manner and confidence of Ange Postecoglou, while new CEO Dom McKay has been on the front foot with positive PR.

However, the acid test of this ‘new era’ undoubtedly revolves around incoming transfers. So far, the club has been nowhere on that front.

The only incoming player has been Liam Shaw, who signed a pre-contract in the early stages of 2021. It barely counts. The poor lad has been front and centre of training videos and interviews, because the club’s media team don’t really have anyone else new to feed off.

Reports have come and gone around certain players in key positions. Some of the targets have been exciting, others less so, none of them have materialised into firm, confirmed interest.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

There could be many reasons for this, some of which are out of Celtic’s control.

Celtic fans need to see progress quickly, before Wales ideally

However, if the squad heads to the Welsh training camp next week with nobody new joining the core Celtic squad, I can’t see that going down very well at all with supporters.

In fact, it could derail any of the current positivity and momentum amongst supporters. I don’t want that of course, but it’s just the reality. We’re already seeing it this week. Twitter and Facebook accounts are being bombarded with signing pleas, even from usually positive and fair-minded supporters.

Nobody is expecting a full team to arrive in days.

New Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou will take the squad to Wales next week / (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

But given the fact supporters have again weighed in heavily with cash, is it too much to expect a first-team quality player or two we can bed in ahead of the FC Midtjylland tie? Is Ange Postecoglou expected to work miracles against the Danes with a threadbare squad that has had zero additions and even some exits?

They can give all the assurances they want about working hard behind the scenes and how signings will be arriving ‘very, very soon’, but ultimately it’s action that is required.

This squad needs reinforcements. Quickly. If the next few days roll by with no clear and confirmed transfer updates, the club will be fighting hard to get supporters back on board, again.

In other news, Celtic would only have to pay £200,000 for Osaze Urhoghide.