The lack of clarity from Celtic on the situation regarding our next sporting director is one of major concern.

In fact, it’s probably not getting the attention it should given the media frenzy surrounding Eddie Howe. We’re all awaiting the potential appointment of our next manager, and it looks as though it’s going to be Howe at some stage.

Goodness knows when of course. The saga is becoming tiresome. Update after update and twist after twist. The latest of course being that Howe has reportedly been spending time doing some background work on the club [Scottish Sun].

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But all of this is covering what should, in all honesty, be a more pressing concern for the club – the appointment of the sporting director.

Sporting director or director of football. Whatever you want to call it – Celtic are supposed to be wanting one. That’s what all the reports day at least [Scottish Sun]. Funnily enough, we’ve heard nothing official from the club regarding the role.

Don’t get me wrong, Dermot Desmond has had his opportunities. He gave an interview back in March during which he gave an “update” (and I use that term very loosely) on the managerial hunt. It was an in-house one, but he openly acknowledged the managerial recruitment process at the very least.

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Dermot Desmond hasn’t revealed anything about a Celtic sporting director

What he didn’t do in that interview was even acknowledge the existence of a sporting director-shaped hole at the club. He didn’t give off any impression that we were looking to change the structure or outlook of the football club.

Pretty bizarre considering that, if we are looking for one, he should be in before the manager. It’s starting to look as though the opposite will be the case. That would be concerning given it will be the sporting director’s duty to lay out a long-term plan for the club. He should have a say in any managerial appointment – not the other way around.

If we’re going to do this properly, the sporting director should be coming in very soon. Perhaps almost as soon as the current campaign is over. There are no excuses Celtic can make for this not to be the case.

Celtic sporting director

Dermot Desmond has yet to reveal his plans for a Celtic sporting director / (Photo by Sammy Turner/SNS Group via Getty Images)

But all fingers instead point to Howe being appointed first. It’s not ideal, but it would still be workable so long as we find the right man to take the role. There are absolutely no signs that Celtic are even close to finding that candidate as of yet.

And yet we’re all just assuming that it’s the route Celtic are even planning to go down. It would be ideal if we could get some sort of update from the club on what our structure is going to be for the long-term. Are we looking to even appoint a sporting director? Or is the club just happy for wild rumours to fly around the place?

Come out and let us know how we’re moving forward as a football club. We’re being left in the dark far too much as we close in on the close-season.

In other news, this ex-Celtic duo are closing in on two top Euro league titles.

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