The current global pandemic sweeping the world will lead to a lot of people not being able to leave the house. Therefore, it stands to reason that they will be looking for things to watch on the internet whilst they are in the middle of self-isolating.

Rather unexpectedly, that could give Celtic the opportunity to attract some new fans. How would the club go about doing that? Well, it could allow an official history of the club DVD that was made in the late 2000s free to watch online.

Would give an idea of what the club is all about

Now, the club has moved on a lot since then, but the DVD, which is over six hours long, would give people who may be interested in finding out about the club’s history an idea of what Celtic are all about.


The outside of Celtic Park

The outside of Celtic Park (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The club should look to upload the documentary either on Celtic’s YouTube channel, or on Celtic TV.

To fill in the gap since the documentary was made, the club can upload a series of highlights of the various triumphs the club have had since then.

Good for younger fans to find out more

It would also be good for some younger Celtic fans to find out more about the history of the club, especially as schools in Scotland are closed this would be an ideal chance for them to find out more about the team they support.

The late Billy McNeill has a statue at Celtic Park

The late Billy McNeill has a statue at Celtic Park (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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Will Celtic take up this idea? Who can say. However, in these current times of uncertainty, people will be looking for distractions.

Celtic can provide that by exploring the club’s great history for all to see. If it is able to attract even one new fan to the club then it has been worth doing.

The Hoops will have a vast media library at the club, with thousands of games and goals. Now is the chance to show some of that to the public.

Should Celtic take this step? Which other videos could be shown? Share your thoughts below with a comment in our new discussion forum…

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