Celtic hide again

By John McGinley

February 22, 2021

Another day after an unacceptable Celtic result this season, another day of silence.

Celtic have hidden behind the secrecy of defeat again, with nothing to say to supporters after last night’s loss away to Ross County.

It’s not the social media manager’s fault. Nor is it even the communications team’s fault. This silence is likely commanded from those more senior inside the club.

Let’s not antagonise the proles further, eh?

For all the things Neil Lennon has had to gripe about the media and journalists lately, it’s ironic that they’ve become our only source of information or quotes from inside the club.

Can you blame journalists for asking searching questions when it’s what fans want to know? Most of the media narratives this season – wantaway players, the mentality of players, speculation on the manager’s future, the Dubai debacle – have been the result of Lennon’s own words.

Even the manager’s boycott of Sky Sports, following Andy Walker’s comments, has resulted in a massive u-turn. To the extent that the club carried the broadcaster’s interview with the manager after the match last night on official channels, rather than conduct their own in house interview.

That’s the last official word we’ve heard from the club, save for a couple of birthday messages on Instagram. They’ve not stopped those. Of course they haven’t.

No doubt we’re to believe the club are busy beavering away behind the scenes conducting reviews and searching for a Director of Football.

They probably also want us to think there’s a hunt on for a new manager. For those in power, that’d be a convenient leap of logic for us to take. We can find comfort in that as supporters, can’t we? No, not really.

The Celtic board / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

That can’t be taken as a given. Considering how flat-footed the club were found to be this season, who can have trust that the board are taking constructive steps to dig us out of this mess?

They haven’t earned that assumption. And so the silence today can be taken for mismanagement, for the same old frigid thinking, the arrogance and complacency that has created a toxic atmosphere around the club.

Celtic are hiding again. It’s no more acceptable now than the other various points this season. Our apathy doesn’t excuse their continuing blunderous behaviour.