Celtic must take motivation from trashy, embittered and out of order rivals

By John McGinley

May 10, 2021

Over the years, Celtic captain Scott Brown has never really been one to hold back from combative on the pitch events. That’s part of what made him an icon in the Hoops. That, and all the trophies.

Up against his fellow professionals, he can give as good as he gets and doesn’t need defending.

Off the pitch though, and away from the whistle to whistle action, he’s often conducted himself well. The recent moment between himself and Glen Kamara at Celtic Park stands out as strong evidence of that.

However, it seems our rivals have gotten themselves a bit excited this season and that memories are short, with an unnamed “high ranking Rangers official” apparently taking part in off the pitch goading in the wake of last week’s derby match.

The Daily Record reports the official engaged in “wholly inappropriate behaviour” aimed at Brown, labelled as crude and classless, in the tunnel after the derby.

Let’s be clear, this wasn’t a player or member of the coaching staff. That’d be another, perhaps more acceptable, matter. This was apparently one of the suits, no doubt hiding behind his position and seniority. Cowardly, bitter and pathetic, in my book.

Even Steven Gerrard had the good grace to heavily compliment Brown in the build-up to his last derby. [Daily Record]

I mean, we’re talking about the club that restricted the ticket allocation of away supporters because they were tired of getting hammered by the Hoops. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

Celtic must take motivation from this, as they did in 2016

The incident is all rather reminiscent of the unnamed officials taking celebrations at Hampden too far in 2016 in front of Dermot Desmond. That was the event, which legend says, motivated him to pull out all the stops and bring Brendan Rodgers to Scotland. [The Scotsman]

That’s what Celtic need again of course. We need that motivation and fire within all levels of the club to wrestle back control of the Scottish Premiership title.

Dermot Desmond has yet to reveal his plans for Celtic next season / (Photo by Sammy Turner/SNS Group via Getty Images)

The big word going around Celtic this season was ‘blip’. A lot of coaches and players seemed content to put this season down as a one-off event. Fans are less convinced of course. If the club truly believes that to be the case then they need to prove it.

We need a high-quality managerial appointment. We need bold action in the transfer market. Most of all, we need to start turning up these derbies again and stop giving Rangers an excuse to display their worst, gloating attributes.

If last week’s incident provides a slither of motivation to best Rangers next term, then more fool them.

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