Celtic should still appoint Eddie Howe this week despite reported issue

By David Walton

May 16, 2021

As this horrific campaign finally comes to an end, it’s time for Celtic to appoint Eddie Howe with absolutely no distractions left.

The Hoops have been able to get away with holding off on announced Howe recently. With the club still having a fixture list to complete, there was still work that needed to be done. You could understand why John Kennedy would’ve been given the time to carry out his interim stint without any side-shows.

But all of that’s now over. It’s time for Howe to be appointed, and immediately to as the Champions League qualifiers already close in on us. We’re only 65 days before our Champions League qualifying campaign kicks off. Celtic will enter in the second qualifying round, and that means it’ll be an early start for the new boss.

In addition to that, Celtic will need to get some pre-season minutes under their belt and try to build a team capable of getting us to the latter stages of qualifying. So it’s imperative that we get Howe in now.

Yes, there have been reported reasons for the delay. TalkSPORT reporter Alex Crook, who’s close to Bournemouth, claimed that one of the reasons for the delay was because Howe wanted to take some of his backroom team from the English club. Considering their campaign is still going, this isn’t viable just now.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

Celtic must appoint Eddie Howe now despite potential backroom issues

But even if there is a short wait for his assistants, Howe can still be appointed. What’s to stop Celtic from simply stating that Howe has been given the job and that his backroom team will be formed in the coming weeks? At the very least, that would throw supporters a bone. They don’t all need to be announced together.

It’s not as if there’s said to be any disagreements between Howe and Celtic. Should they fail to bag his preferred assistants, it’s not as if he’s going to shut down the move. He’ll simply have alternatives.

It makes total sense for Celtic to get Howe over the line now. At the very least, it’ll give off the impression that the rebuild has started and that allows the club to move forward. Yes, things will get easier when Howe’s assistants come in, but they’re not the figures fans want to see announced.

Eddie Howe can still be appointed before his assistants / (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Waiting a week or two gives off the wrong vibe. It makes it look as though we’re dallying and allowing Howe to dictate his own timeframes. It has to be that the football club is put first. Celtic should be telling Howe that he’s getting announced this week or we move on to our second choice.

We don’t have the time to be waiting for other clubs’ seasons to end before we get the manager in place. It’s counter-productive and, given the scale of the rebound, would likely be a killer for our Champions League hopes.

So we’ll see what happens this week, but fingers crossed we finally get some confirmation of Howe’s appointment. This is a saga we could do with seeing the back of.

In other news, the Celtic fans have identified a major part of the rebuild they want secured.