Celtic supporters braced for Lawwell and McKay sales pitch; meetings arranged

By John McGinley

May 7, 2021

One of the most interesting points made in today’s communication from Celtic was regarding Peter Lawwell and Dominic McKay meeting with supporters next week.

The club said: “We are now in a transitional period in respect of our Chief Executive handover. Peter Lawwell, our CEO is working closely with incoming CEO Dominic McKay on a successful handover to ensure that we are ready for next season across all aspects of the Club, with considerable planning and preparatory work already undertaken.

“Importantly, Peter and Dom along with colleagues plan to have met with all our main supporters’ groups by next week. Engagement and dialogue with all our supporters is crucial to everyone at the Club.”

This is a positive revelation. I heard a message board rumour recently that the pair had already held a meeting with fans recently, though hadn’t seen it discussed elsewhere or been able to substantiate it.

Celtic clearly think this will be an effective way to get their goals across to the support.

It’s unclear which supporters groups Celtic mean, though you’d imagine longstanding collectives such as The Celtic Trust and Celtic Supporters Association will be high on the list, having good lines of communication with the club.

Celtic will likely be setting out their sales pitch for next season, you’d imagine, or at least addressing the main complaints from this term.

The football department restructure and manager hunt would have to be high on the agenda for any supporter asking Lawwell or McKay a question.

How much of these discussions make their way to the wider support is also unknown.

Incoming Celtic CEO Dominic McKay / (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Hopefully, those involved can provide minutes and talking points via their various websites and newsletters at the very least. Meetings with these groups are only useful if the information is disseminated.

It’s something to look out for over the coming week as the club prepare to embark on season ticket sales and put the finishing touches to their new management team.

In other news, Celtic tipped to make move for in form goalkeeper.