Celtic supporters have shown extraordinary backing to the club yet again with season ticket sales, despite the failures of last term and uncertainty surrounding the future.

As we reported yesterday, new Chief Executive Dom McKay described season ticket sales this summer as ‘off the scale good’.

McKay had previously boasted of ‘great numbers’ of season ticket renewals in a statement on the club’s official website.

It’s increasingly looking like sales will be close to last year’s total, which was trumpeted as a record amount and a sell-out by the club.

The club are clearly buoyant.

They’re insisting that the season ticket renewal deadline that expired yesterday won’t be extended. Supporters on the waiting list are set to be contacted over the coming week, having already been told to update their details.

Many of them have waited for ages to get access into the stadium so it stands to reason thousands of more tickets could be sold.

Other fan media personalities such as Harry Brady have suggested current sales are the largest in the country again.

Meanwhile, The Huddle Breakdown’s Jucojames has done some initial analysis that stadium income for the year could top £30m.

Clearly, this is all brilliant news for the club. It could also be crucial for the budget available to new manager Ange Postecoglou too.

However, it also comes with responsibility on the club’s part.

Fans didn’t get into a single game last season and there have been serious discussions about whether value has been delivered for the money weighed in.

It’s time for the club to repay this backing with bold action, progressive structure rebuild and decisive decisions in the transfer market.

There’s absolutely no guarantee of success next season, but the club has to put itself in the best possible position to deliver it. With the backing of the fans, that’s now possible.

In other news, Postecoglou delivered an exciting Celtic transfer update yesterday despite negative headlines.

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