Celtic's Joe Hart Q&A tweet has left plenty of supporters teasing the club

By David Walton

September 29, 2021

The Celtic supporters have been left having plenty of fun with one of the club’s late-night tweets last night.

The Hoops pushed a Joe Hart supporter Q&A scheduled for today. In the tweet, they asked supporters for the questions they would like their number one to answer.

It was always going to be a recipe for disaster given our current form. But even so, the Celtic fans didn’t disappoint with a range of questions that undoubtedly gave the club more than it bargained for.

Celtic gave supporters the opportunity to put questions forward to Portuguese winger Jota yesterday. And today, it’s Hart’s turn to face the fans.

The former Manchester City goalkeeper has been one of the club’s most impressive summer signings. However, given the run of form Celtic are currently going through, fans don’t appear to be in the mood for a jolly question and answer session.

Celtic fans getting frustrated with what they’re watching

Granted, Celtic fans would’ve found a way to make this tweet amusing even if things are going well. But you can still sense a frustration in some of the responses with regards to the direction of the club.

That’s because, quite simply, there doesn’t appear to be any clear off-field direction. With Dom McKay gone, Celtic still haven’t heard from new interim CEO Michael Nicholson.

Meanwhile, results on the pitch have the club ina. precarious position even this early in the season. Whilst Hart was been a relative success story, there aren’t many others who can claim that to be the case.

There’s a disappointment sweeping around the club at the moment that only results will be able to change. As things stand, fan anger is back at a stage the club likely thought they’d seen the last of for some time.

And as class as some of the reactions to the Q&A tweet show, you can clearly see the frustration in some of the responses too. Here’s a look at some of the “questions” Celtic fans put forward for Hart:

In other news, Celtic winger Jota is already putting the media in its place