Change is needed at Celtic and it only comes one of three ways; two are quickly failing

By John McGinley

October 25, 2020

Yes, unfortunately, we have to examine another difficult result for Celtic. At least this time it wasn’t a defeat.

It felt like one though, to the extent that I would make a YouTube faux pas live on air earlier this afternoon.

To say it’s a crisis at Celtic is not because of today’s 3-3 draw against Aberdeen at Pittodrie. Or Thursday’s defeat to Milan. Or even last week’s loss to Rangers.

It’s the direction of travel throughout this season.

We’ve rarely looked convincing on the pitch, and while we were bailed out before, the results are now stacking up against Neil Lennon in conjunction with the performances.

Many fans are now calling for him to be sacked.

There’s an internal conflict, for me. I recognise the need for change at the club, but I am still holding on to the romantic notion of Lennon lifting the ten.

I love the man, what can I say?

Are those calling for him to go overreacting? That’s the small creeping doubt in my head that bashes away against the horrible gut feeling I have.

There are three ways to effect change at Celtic and turn around our season:

  • the manager finds the right blend of players and tactics, making us a unit capable of dominating games and picking up positive results
  • the players themselves, mavericks like Odsonne Edouard, find moments of individual brilliance to offset the structural problems in the team
  • decision-makers at Celtic above Lennon step in and replace this coaching team, including the manager

Even the most optimistic of supporters would surely agree that, right now, the first two of these three options are quickly failing?

As we stumble from poor performance to poor performance, I struggle to see any cohesion or positives when it comes to the team that Lennon is fielding. In truth, at times, it barely looks like a team.

Likewise, we have been far less fortunate when relying on the individual brilliance of our best stars. Nobody seems to be able to get going and hit a fiery run of form in this team at the moment, regardless of their ability.

That leaves the third option, which is far from ideal itself.

It would be incredibly harsh to say goodbye to a legend of the club, on the cusp of history, because of a poor start to the season. Yet, if we want to claim that history, it might be what the club has to do.

A new manager doesn’t guarantee success, but it would at least prevent the inevitable, as it looks right now.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Lennon remains defiant, and I don’t see the Celtic board rushing into a decision too soon.

However, the Doomsday Clock is ticking closer to midnight, and the Bhoys boss doesn’t have much goodwill left.

Good performances must arrive. It’s now or never for Lennon’s second spell.

Another massive, massive week lies ahead.

In other news, the manager has explained his decision to bench Scott Brown and leave Vasilis Barkas out today.