Celtic managerial chaos has given rivals exactly what they want

By David Walton

June 1, 2021

The saga developing between Celtic and their search for a new manager is undoubtedly frustrating.

For many, the Eddie Howe saga was the last straw. Believing we were nailed on to get him for two months only for it to fall through at the last minute wasn’t acceptable. It reflected extremely poorly on both Peter Lawwell and Dominic McKay.

So much anger over the saga has rightly been vented by the Celtic support. However, some of it is far too misdirected for me. The news that Celtic are closing in on Ange Posteocglou as the new Parkhead boss has absolutely rattled many.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction to his coaching credentials in Australia, the negativity is still spreading like a wildfire. If it isn’t supporters slamming the club for the idea, it’s pundits having a pop at his credentials.

For example, the stories about Postecoglou not having his UEFA Pro Licence was made to be a big deal. That’s despite the fact he doesn’t actually need it to be appointed Hoops boss. Steven Gerrard didn’t have it when he took up the Rangers gig. It’s something he can easily work towards when he joins.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

But that’s just one example of the negativity that’s surrounded this story. I’m not just talking about the media either, but there are signs of anger towards his credentials by our own support. Doubts of what he can offer are fine, but demeaning his achievements to me is harsh.

There’s too much of a link between him being an unknown manager and how that relates to automatic failure. What hasn’t actually been mentioned is that Postecoglou has been a success wherever he’s been. He’s won titles with South Melbourne, Brisbane Roar, and Yokohama Marinos. He won seven different competitions with the Australian youth sides before qualifying for the World Cup in 2014 with the senior team. Not to mention his 2015 AFC Asian Cup success too.

Just because the new Celtic manager could be unknown, it doesn’t mean he’ll fail

He’s been a success almost everywhere. Why can’t he be that at Celtic? In fact, more importantly, why shouldn’t he be given a chance and the support of the fans?

Postecoglou has done nothing wrong, and he needs to feel like that should he become the next manager. Fans have every right to question the board, but let’s not go assuming the new manager will be a failure almost immediately. He deserves more backing than that from a fanbase such as ours.

This kind of negativity is exactly what Rangers and their fans want to see. They’ll want us piling pressure on our club and our new boss from the off next season. It’s that kind of pressure that leads to an implosion if a few results go wrong.

Ange Postecoglou could well be the next Celtic boss / (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

The way things are going, Postecoglou will get vilified if he doesn’t even qualify for the Champions League. Something Howe would likely have gotten away with. If the Greek-Australian boss becomes our new man in the dugout, the last thing he needs is this level of negativity.

What our rivals fear most of all is a rejuvenated Celtic. What they’re craving for, meanwhile, is a fragile Celtic. One that’s looking for any excuse to tear itself apart once again. This constant stream of negativity could be the main source of our downfall once again if we let it grow.

We’re getting what we wanted this year – we’re getting change. Peter Lawwell is going to be out the door whilst Neil Lennon left in February. Just because it isn’t the change we expect doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to another year of dismal failure.

We have a moral obligation as the Celtic support to get right behind Postecoglou should he arrive. Don’t allow your anger towards the board to be directed in his face too. This is the biggest step of his career, and he needs our backing to make us as strong as possible next season. Let’s not give our rivals what they want please.

A unified Celtic is an incredibly dangerous Celtic.