Dermot Desmond has stirred up ill Celtic feelings that were best left in the past

By John McGinley

April 8, 2022

I’m not sure it’s worth digging into the details of what Dermot Desmond said in his Celtic TV interview today.

Yes, there are a few interesting anecdotes and tidbits about Ange Postecoglou that we might get to on the site later today – but the interview probably wasn’t as newsworthy as the number of headlines it’s now producing.

For me, the timing of the interview was odd and I’m left not quite sure of its purpose. Was it to earnestly address concerns from last season? Is it something of a victory lap for bringing Ange into the club? Is it simply to say – I’m the principal shareholder and I’m not budging?

We’ll never know its purpose but we can see it is stirring up all sorts of feelings that were best left alone.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Dermot, trust me, we don’t need to revisit last season in any capacity. We’ve heard all the excuses, we’ve run over them in our minds a thousand times. Outside factors existed, mistakes were made and ultimately it was a massive disappointment.

As we’re going for a treble this term, six points clear at the top of the table having just beaten Rangers again – we don’t need a reminder of the underlying schism between many supporters and the Celtic board. At this stage of a crucial season, it is irrelevant.

I’ve made my peace with the fact that the leadership at Celtic from the executive team to board to the principal shareholder all believe they are doing a wonderful job at the club. There’s little point in trying to change their mind.

There’s evidence for it of course – domestic dominance, rude financial health, successful navigation of a global pandemic. It’s inaccurate to paint them as a disaster.

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Sky Sports shambles continues as Buffon and Howe line up to praise Celtic heroes
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Likewise, there is evidence of stagnation, falling behind European peers and a lack of consistent vision beyond the manager that could cause problems when Postecoglou does leave us in the distant future.

This is going to be an eternal debate about the board at Celtic. As it goes on, I’m quite happy with them doing their jobs in the background and letting the team and the manager steal the headlines – rather than creating our own.

This might sound hypocritical but I do want better and clearer communication from Celtic. It would be nice to know about the five-year plan that is the board’s remit, or what their long-term vision is for how Lennoxtown functions.

However, if all we’re going to get is intermittent interviews from Dermot Desmond that do little for education or morale, then frankly, I’d rather they just left it alone.

Let us get on with the joy of fully backing the team and the manager. That’s the fun bit. No distractions, please.

In other news, Giorgos Giakoumakis addresses rivals getting wound up by his Celtic comments.