Expect another round of daft Ange Postecoglou Celtic speculation

By John McGinley

January 24, 2023

With more jobs opening up in the English Premier League, it seems inevitable Ange Postecoglou is going to be linked to them. In fact, it’s already happening with some tenuous reporting down south today.

Frank Lampard has left Everton and he’s unlikely to be the only managerial casualty over the coming weeks as clubs take big decisions on moves that either counter against relegation or prepare themselves for their next big projects.

Unfortunately, it’s almost guaranteed we get another bubble of Celtic noise in their wake, as we did earlier in the season when Postecoglou seemed to get linked with a job every other day.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It got to the extent that he had to answer direct questions on the issue in media events on both sides of the world, with speculation in his homeland Australia particularly feverish.

Hopefully, that noise comes and goes without drama once again because it seems clear to me that Postecoglou is far from finished at Celtic.

He is still planning for the future, putting in place transfers with a long-term view and remaining laser-focused on trying to bridge the gap between our current status and becoming a credible outfit on the European scene.

A bit of insecurity from the support is natural. The majority have loved Postecoglou’s reign and can’t bear to think of it ending. Ultimately though, the source of that anxiety is really without basis.

As with almost every Celtic manager in the past, it will become quite clear when the club and the manager are on diverging paths. Right now, there’s nothing to indicate that Postecoglou isn’t in lockstep with the ambitions of this club and these fans.

So, if you see a few screaming headlines with regards to a Postecoglou exit to the English Premier League, I’d bury them and look forward to the next Celtic match as we make a push for a treble of trophies.

In other news, Celtic’s move for Oh Hyeon-gyu is another positive sign of improvement to recruitment plans.