Gabriel Agbonlahor adds voice to Kyogo debate no Celtic fan is having

By Euan Davidson

October 13, 2021

If you thought the prior comments on Celtic star Kyogo and his Premier League ambitions were tiring, it gets worse. Former Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor has added his voice to the debate, claiming Kyogo should apologise to the supporters.

If our finger and the pulse are in direct contact here, then we’d venture that no Celtic supporter is seriously entertaining any of this. Yet, Noel Whelan (?!?!) and now Agbonlahor are tearing into the Japanese striker.

The Celtic striker originally said [via Dan Orlowitz]:

“Many players go from Scotland to the EPL. It’s motivating to see Takehiro Tomiyasu do well. Good results could open that path for me, but I have to get results to survive at Celtic and the Japan National Team.”

In response, the former Villa striker has said [Football Insider]:

“I don’t think he should say that.

“They’re the sort of things that you keep to yourself and you don’t mention. You might say it to your agent or your close friends.

“But you don’t say it in interviews because it’s disrespectful to Celtic. I’m sure he’ll get told about doing that and that he should apologise.

“You’ve got to be respectful about Celtic because you’ve only been there a minute.

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“Don’t get carried away by a few good games and start talking about the Premier League. Just concentrate on doing your best for Celtic and winning the title back for them.”

Can we end this tiresome debate over Celtic striker Kyogo yet?

To be fair to Agbonlahor, yes: it’s not ideal. Your star man suggesting he’s got an eye on the Premier League isn’t necessarily the best thing. But it’s hardly a surprise either.

We’re a support who value our talents, but we’re also realistic. If Kyogo keeps scoring at the rate he does, he’s going to attract interest. Of course he is.

But this isn’t the furore that’s being suggested here. I’d venture to say that very few Celtic supporters actually care too much about this. There’s a very obvious narrative to be pushed, but it’s not one that Celtic fans are particularly willing to engage with.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Celtic supporters adore Kyogo. They watched a Japan game en masse yesterday, to see if he’d get through it unscathed. The guy can pick up litter and only bolster his heroic standing.

If he wants a move eventually, then fair enough. A career in football is short. For now, at least, the supporters love him. One interview isn’t likely to change that.

So, no apologies to supporters are required. No acts of repentance, or grand gestures. As long as Kyogo continues to score goals, there’s no real issue here.

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