Ian Bankier and Dom McKay were in Denmark tonight; they need to be in front of a Celtic camera tomorrow

By Euan Davidson

July 28, 2021

A question for Celtic chiefs Ian Bankier and Dom McKay: can you justify that result?

The duo were spotted sitting together at Midtjylland’s stadium [SNS]. A penny, or indeed a season ticket fee, for their thoughts at this point.

Over two legs, we were right on top of FC Midtjylland. A team, by the way, who like ourselves, are in a period of transition. A new manager, losses of key players, the whole kit and kaboodle.

Year after year, our squad is woefully under-prepared. And while this doesn’t fall on McKay extensively, Ian Bankier has shirked blame and gone quiet when it counts, again and again.

Call it reactionary, if you will. But the truth is, everyone saw this coming a mile off. We greeted the tie with cynicism, the first leg with cautious optimism, and tonight with a horrible feeling in the pit of our stomach. With such an inexperienced defence, we knew we had to score goals.

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Yet, our top striker has likely mentally checked out. His back-ups are either glaringly inconsistent, or an inferior player, who the jersey will not shrink for.

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And the defence. The young, young defence. It’s not their fault that this happened. No, the fault lies on an absent, complacent board who are unwilling to see how losing these games is seen as an inevitability.

This club is bigger than these results. That those running it are willing to accept these inevitable disappointments shows they’re not fit to run Celtic. Not for these supporters.

Ian Bankier and Dom McKay: Celtic supporters need explanations

To cut McKay some slack, it wasn’t him that allowed Celtic to go months without a manager. He may have been involved, but that was on his employer.

But it is him who needs to reassure supporters that there’s an actual plan to improve this squad. That, beyond corporate speak and promises, there’s a tangible, realistic plan to make this team better.

Dom McKay: needs to answer to fans already / (Credit – Celtic FC)

It goes beyond personnel. Maybe it’ll take time for Ange Postecoglou to build the confidence of a team who will have wounds from the 20-21 campaign. Postecoglou’s early reign has offered some shoots of improvement but these big games count.

So, to Ian Bankier specifically: what is it you do at this football club? The chairman in name, he only appears fleetingly. What input is he having in the running of this club? Frankly, Celtic are running into the same obstacles over and over again in Europe. At least when we won titles, we had something to show for our efforts, but on the biggest stage, the club have absolutely floundered.

It’s appalling stuff. The supporters deserve more. And while the temptation will be to retreat to the tortoise shell, not answer any questions and hope the noise calms down.

But as we add Midtjylland to a list that includes Maribor, Malmö, Cluj, AEK Athens and Ferencvaros, we have to wonder: just what is the direction of this football club?

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