It's all on Ange now as Celtic fans worry if he has the answers

By John McGinley

September 19, 2021

If you’re a concerned Celtic supporter tonight that’s a perfectly understandable response to a very poor day on the job for Ange Postecoglou and his players.

A quick look at social media, message boards and conversations with your friends and family shows will show you are not alone.

Unless you are completely conceding the season or making rash judgements about peoples jobs, you’re not overreacting.

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The manager and his team have a very real problem. Three wins from six in the Scottish Premiership is not good enough. Ultimately the only person who can provide the answers is Ange himself.

More than anyone else he has to shoulder what occurred in West Lothian today. He won’t shy way from that. This is what he’s paid for. Supporting him, which I still do, doesn’t make him exempt from criticism.

The transfer window is shut. The squad is set until January. He has to find results or at least show enough progress between now and then to give us hope we are heading in the right direction. No one else can ease our worries.

Celtic can take a big step under Ange tomorrow

Celtic can take a big step under Ange tomorrow
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I’m not saying this to mount unnecessary pressure on him. I’m simply saying, the pressure is already here and the honeymoon period is over. That happened naturally without external forces.

My gut feeling, despite today, is that we are heading in the right direction. If we have a full-strength Celtic team on the pitch playing the football that Ange wants, we’re going to win the vast majority of our games in this division. I still believe that.

We’ve seen glimpses of a quality outfit clicking into place, but at a club the size of Celtic unless that comes with consistency those glimpses are effectively useless.

If you’re being exceptionally kind, you could argue that this season was always going to be a transitional one after the shambles of last term.

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However, a transition is only acceptable if there are tangible signs of progress. We can’t stumble in the dark with a 50/50 record in the league. No-one is going to accept that, and rightly so.

Anyone who follows me on this website, on social media or the YouTube channel will know how much of a fan I am of Ange. But this isn’t about me, or him, it’s about Celtic. Ange needs to fix Celtic. Right now, we’re still a distance away from that.

If it’s time he needs then wins against Raith Rovers, Dundee United and Aberdeen, as well as a good performance against Leverkusen, will do the trick. Anything short of that will only prolong the worry we all feel right now.

In other news, Ange Postecoglou describes Celtic as “terrible” as he addresses away form reality.