Kris Boyd desperate to put negative spin on Scott Brown's big Celtic departure

By David Walton

May 15, 2021

Even a broken clock is right more times in a day than Kris Boyd, as his untimely analysis of Scott Brown’s Celtic departure shows.

Everyone has been firing in their tributes to Broony this week. Celtic are in the process of rounding off their season with the spotlight firmly on their departing captain. After today’s game against Hibernian at Easter Road, the 14-year on-field leader will head for Aberdeen in a new player/coach role.

For now, however, everyone is simply looking to say thank you. And if you’re not a Celtic fan, it’s still been a week where those with a sane mind have been happy to respect what Brown has achieved.

Trust Boyd then to bring up an unnecessary negative. Instead of using his column this week to highlight the Celtic captain’s achievements, Boyd instead bizarrely chose to touch on how his move to Aberdeen could backfire.

“I can’t help wondering if he’ll live to regret the decision he’s made”

Speaking in his Scottish Sun column, Boyd said: “Scott Brown hasn’t made many mistakes since he walked into Celtic Park. But I can’t help wondering if he’ll live to regret the decision he’s made as he heads out the door. Being Celtic captain will have been an exhausting experience, and a fresh challenge must be appealing before he hangs up his boots. I’m just not sure Aberdeen is the right place for him.

An exciting seven days for Celtic fans is about to get underway

“I hope they take this the right way when I say I have real concerns with what’s coming their way next season. Stephen Glass has replaced Derek McInnes and no one is going to convince me that was a smart move. We’ll hear all the sound bites in the next few weeks and months. Garbage about how Aberdeen are trying to play the game the right way. I won’t buy a word of it.

“Maybe that’s what owner Dave Cormack is prepared to do. Maybe he’s getting ready to splash some significant cash and bankroll Glass big time. But if he doesn’t, then I’d say Aberdeen are going to face a huge fight to stay in the top four.

“Broony will be right up for the fight, don’t worry about that. He’s been proving people wrong all his career, and that will be one of his motivations now. But I hope for his sake he doesn’t live to regret this move in a matter of months.”

Scott Brown’s Celtic departure leads to an exciting opportunity – every club is a risk

The big question here really is why bother posing this question? Why focus solely on the negative of what, on paper, looks an absolutely cracking move. An opportunity to work alongside a long-term friend for one of Scotland’s biggest clubs. And in an assistant-manager capacity no less whilst still having the opportunity to play for another year or so.

It’s a superb move for Broony. But even if you don’t think so, why it’s being brought up now is even more baffling. This should be a week in which his achievements at Celtic are acknowledged, celebrated, or at the very least respected. Trying to taint that with negative slants on his next move is unfair on the Celtic captain.

Everyone is entitled to their own view on whether Aberdeen is a good move. But trust Boyd to bring it up on the day Brown gets set to make his final appearance for Celtic.

Scott Brown comes off during his last game for Celtic at Parkhead against St Johnstone (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

For what it’s worth, every club is a risk. Had he joined Jack Ross at Hibs it would’ve been the same. They could lose several of their top stars in the summer and replace them with mediocre quality. It’s not as if they’ll get a lot to spend given the impact Covid has had on the game here.

Same as if Brown went to a Dundee United, Kilmarnock, or St Johnstone. The risks are all the same – recruitment could be poor and you could be out the door very quickly. That’s football management, and it’s not a process that occurs solely in Aberdeen.

It would’ve been more fitting if Boyd could’ve just come out and paid tribute to everything our captain has done at Celtic. But nah, trust him to have a nice wee pop about his next move. Anything to turn the narrative into a negative one, eh?

In other news, a reported £4m-rated Celtic talent spoke about a potential Parkhead move last month.