Neil Lennon is correct to defend Kristoffer Ajer

By John Reid

December 27, 2019

Celtic boss Neil Lennon recently stood up for one of his players, and it is 100% the correct thing to do. Lennon has come to the defence of centre-back Kristoffer Ajer, who was accused by Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack on Twitter of feigning an injury during the recent Celtic-Aberdeen game, in an incident which saw Sam Cosgrove sent-off.

Now Lennon has stoutly defended his player. “I’m not having someone from the Aberdeen board talking about my players like that. We’ve tried to be balanced but when you see comments like that we’re not tolerating it as a club. It’s very naive from Mr Cormack. It’s an attack on my player and the comments are absolutely disgraceful” Lennon said, whilst appearing on BBC Sportsound  and as quoted on the BBC website.

Comments will go down well with player

(Photo by Silvia Lore/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Neil Lennon’s comments will undeniably go down well with the Hoops support, and also the players that he manages. Ajer in particular will be pleased to see Lennon go to bat for him.

It can’t be an easy job being a manager, you have to weigh up every statement that you make. Lennon will have given thought about the comments he made about the situation, and there is no doubt that he will stand by them, as will Celtic overall.

Man-management has been excellent

(Photo by Giampiero Sposito/Getty Images)

Lennon’s man-management has always been excellent, and this is another example of that. He is standing up for one of his players against criticism that he feels is unwarranted.

That is a good move, and one that should be applauded by all at the club. Celtic need a sense of unity when going for nine in a row, and Lennon’s comments defending Ajer could provide that.

When Ajer sees the comments from his manager, he will be motivated to perform even better than he has done for the Hoops so far this season. Hopefully that is shown in Celtic’s game against Rangers on Sunday.