On the evidence so far, Celtic are going to be extremely entertaining this season

By Euan Davidson

August 5, 2021

Another Celtic match gone, and another long few hours of getting our breath back after an entertaining, enthralling 90 minutes.

It’s hard not to imagine Ange Postecoglou roaring at the Celtic crowd next week, a la Maximus Decimus Meridius. “Are you not entertained?!”. So far, we absolutely are.

Introducing a culture shift at a football club can be tricky. Tony Mowbray, God bless him, tried his best to turn a series of misshapen parts at Celtic into a fluid, attacking machine. It profoundly did not work.

Ronny Deila had a pop, with far more success. However, by the time his reign was coming to a close, the Bhoys looked slow, predictable and lacking ideas.

Brendan Rodgers built on what Deila had done, and utterly perfected it. That’s perhaps why the stodgy, ugly performances under Neil Lennon were such a jarring, disappointing change.

Going from the latter days of Lennon to what Postecoglou is trying to achieve was going to induce growing pains. We’ve already had them, as Midtjylland and Hearts can attest. However, call Celtic whatever you like, but it cannot be denied that, once again, we are a fun, fun team to watch.

“I think Joe Hart will be a success at Celtic” | Sim from We Are Tottenham TV

“I think Joe Hart will be a success at Celtic” | Sim from We Are Tottenham TV
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

This is a Celtic side creating chances like nobody’s business. Tonight, alone, the Bhoys created 15 opportunities [FotMob]. Four of those were taken, and in some style, too.

The gung ho defending? Fine, that’s less comforting, but for sheer, end-to-end, heart-in-mouth action, Postecoglou’s Celtic are already a culture unto themselves. And it’s going to get better.

Celtic fans can get used to entertaining, pressing, attacking football under Ange Postecoglou

Oddly, boring the opposition to death didn’t quite work last season. 11 draws, all immensely avoidable, are testament to the lack of invention and the profligacy shown by Celtic last season.

If in doubt, the mantra was to give the ball to Christie, one of the brightest sparks in the squad, and watch as his confidence diminished after each forced, wayward attempt on goal from miles out.

Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

There’s still a lot, and I mean a lot of work to be done restoring the confidence of this Celtic team. After all, we’re just days removed from a chastening week of results. However, each competitive game we’ve played under Ange Postecoglou, the chance creation, the movement and the attitude has been worlds apart from what we had to get used to in 20-21.

This is an entertaining Celtic side. Love the Hoops as well we might, and with all the dedication and devotion in the world, even the most passionate of supporters would’ve dreaded tuning in at points last season.

Now, that just isn’t the case. And yes, it’s a frighteningly small sample size. The extra time exertions against Midtjylland are notwithstanding here, given the shallow resources Ange Postecoglou has had to work with so far. However, in 90 minute encounters, win or lose, it’s been genuinely fascinating to watch this team play.

Add some bodies in, and that’ll only get better. Again, there were always going to be growing pains. There still could be the odd shocker as Postecoglou figures this squad out.

But are you not entertained?

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