Rival fans want 10IAR to break us; Celtic have big chance to silence them

By David Walton

May 11, 2021

Losing to Rangers and forfeiting 10IAR won’t ever become acceptable to Celtic supporters, but there are two routes we can now go down.

The first being exactly what our Ibrox rivals want. The club and it’s supporters can continue to be disengaged with each other and have what appears to be a two-way street of sheer apathy. We can become disillusioned with the football club and go from one disaster to the next this summer.

By doing that, we’ll ultimately do what Rangers and their fans hoped losing the 10 would do to us. We would crumble as a football club and allow them to see a door open that leads to domestic dominance.

Then there’s the other route we can take. The board can start treating the supporters’ concerns with the respect and severity it deserves. They can get a new manager appointed as soon as possible and give the new manager plenty of cash in the summer.

In other words, we can unite once again as a football club and put an end to this Rangers renaissance.

Rangers and their 10IAR hopes can be put to the sword by Celtic next season

Let’s not kid ourselves, Rangers fans don’t believe their club is on top temporarily. They very much see themselves rejoicing in a new era of dominance in this country.

Dare I say it, but they wanted 10IAR to hurt us more than it does. They wanted it to leave genuine scars that we would struggle to recover from. Whether that proves to be the case is in Celtic’s hands and Celtic’s hands only.

The fans’ support is there for the taking if they pull themselves together. There’s a strong appetite for change amongst the support. Dominic McKay coming in as the new Chief Executive is a start. Eddie Howe potentially becoming the new manager would also rally fans. As would a proper summer rebuild littered with serious investment.

Dermot Desmond has yet to reveal his plans for Celtic next season / (Photo by Sammy Turner/SNS Group via Getty Images)

That’s what Celtic fans are demanding. And if the club can pull all of that off, then they’ll have managed to reconnect themselves to their fan base once again. Rangers’ hopes of seeing Celtic crumble as a club will be down the drain, and we’ll all be ready for a fresh start at Parkhead.

That has to be the goal. It’s what our rivals are dreading as they desperately try to push the idea we’re all sitting crying ourselves to sleep at night.

It’s time to put them right. Celtic, it’s over to you.

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