The desperation for unrest at Celtic has been noted

By John McGinley

September 13, 2022

Celtic have racked up 18 points from six matches at the start of the Scottish Premiership season, scoring 25 goals and conceding just one in the process.

In their first UEFA Champions League match in five years, the Bhoys went toe-to-toe with the reigning European champions in an enthralling first half, before eventually succumbing to their ruthless quality.

New signings look good, those who were here last season appear to have improved. Everything is rosy.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

This is why it has been so amusing to see some outlets reaching for the desperation of an Ange Postecoglou exit to generate a bit of drama around the club.

The initial links to Brighton & Hove Albion were tenuous at best, but that hasn’t stopped a wave of speculation and opinion spreading across the UK media as if it was ever going to happen.

Listen, it’s easy to understand why there is noise around Postecoglou right now. He’s doing a fantastic job and the Champions League has brought a truckload of new eyes towards the project he is building.

A potential exit is an attractive talking point for those searching for something to write in this odd week of football shutdown. It’s certainly easier to attract attention than reflecting on the majesty of Celtic’s first six weeks of the season.

Beyond that, though, you get the sense there’s a genuine thirst in some quarters for this exit to happen.

It’s far better for ‘the narrative’ in Scotland this season for Celtic to be closer to Rangers than they are. A title race sells. The clubs being neck and neck sells. A Postecoglou departure would be a box office development for the press here.

It would also be the best thing that could happen to rival supporters this season, considering the job Postecoglou has done since he arrived in Scotland. Unrest at Celtic is an exciting prospect for many with an eye on silverware this season.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The fact it is so exciting has been noted. Every Celtic supporter sees it. Everyone understands their fear of Ange staying in Scotland for the foreseeable future.

All it is, is further evidence that Celtic are the team to beat. And the reality is, they’ll have to deal with it for a lot longer.

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