The most important thing Dominic McKay told Celtic fans today

By David Walton

June 10, 2021

Dominic McKay finally proved to the Celtic fans that he existed today as he finally gave his first extensive interview as club CEO.

That interview, of course, was due to the fact that the club had appointed a new manager in Ange Postecoglou. McKay spoke at length on Celtic TV about why Postecoglou was appointed and how impressed he is with his new hire.

However, there was one part of his interview that stood out more than most, and it came when he was indeed discussing the new manager. Speaking on the club’s official channels, McKay said the following:

“I’ve been really impressed by his enthusiasm for Celtic, his keenness to work with me to help modernise and develop both the footballing structures, but also the non-footballing structures to make sure we are the successful club that we need to be for the generation ahead.

“We have a shared vision, and that was really important to me. To make sure that we could have a new manager who bought into the modernising, the evolution, and the development of the club both on and off the field.”

An exciting seven days for Celtic fans is about to get underway

Dominic McKay needs to explains what this means in detail to Celtic fans

When Postecoglou comes out of quarantine in Glasgow, Celtic will hold a press conference for him. Hopefully, McKay takes his first presser alongside him. That will hopefully give the Celtic supporters the opportunity to learn more about this supposed vision.

Celtic fans don’t need promises of grandeur or guarantees of successful long-term projects. They need to be told what’s specifically going to be done to improve their football club. You can say all day that you have a vision, but it means nothing if you’re keeping it to yourself or in-house.

He uses words like “evolution” “modernising” and “development”. But nothing to really get into with regards to how the football club will evolve. In what way will it modernise and what departments will be effected? These are questions that still need answered.

Ange Postecoglou has bought into Dominic McKay’s Celtic “vision” / (Credit – Celtic FC)

It was great to see the pending CEO today. However, all we were really promised by him was that he has a plan for the club and that the new manager buys into it. That’s all very well and good. At some stage though you’ll need to explain to the fans what’s changing at their club. The nuts and bolts if you will.

Does it mean a move away from the club’s recent transfer policies? Will we no longer look to simply buy low and sell high on a constant basis? Will we lessen our reliance on loan signings? Does it mean there’s certain areas of our youth development that will be the subject of improvement?

We need to know a bit more than we found out today from the CEO. Still so many questions are available with regards to what his “vision” for Celtic is. Clarity is what we need more of this season, and hopefully McKay is the kind of man to provide it.

In other news, the Celtic fans will find out just how much authority Postecoglou has within 82 days.