Kieran Tierney has revealed that his parents were very proud that he captained the side against Red Ball Salzburg.

The Daily Record reports Tierney’s comments after the 3-1 loss to RB Salzburg in the Europa League.

The 21-year-old, despite his young age, was handed the responsibility to captain his side.

And he didn’t let the opportunity faze him, even if the result was not ideal.

His comments on captaining Celtic show just how mature he is for a 21-year-old and why he can etch his name into Celtic folklore.

Family values

Tierney decided not to tell his parents that he was going to captain Celtic that night.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers had told the Scotland international a few hours before kick-off but rather than message his parents, he let them find out themselves.

Tierney said: “I didn’t tell my mum or dad I was going to be captain. I don’t like doing things like that before the game.

“My mum saw it on the TV and my dad was at the game. He wouldn’t have known until the team news was announced on social media.

“But he doesn’t even use social media so someone told him before the game. I later had a text from my mum saying she was extremely proud.”

These comments show that Tierney is rooted in family values and that is an admirable quality.

Both of his parents are evidently very proud of their son and he is desperate to please them with his football.

Celtic boy

Boyhood fan Kieran Tierney has now captained Celtic in three matches. (Photo by Michael Molzar/SEPA.Media /Getty Images)

Tierney grew up as a Celtic fan so last Thursday’s honour would have meant a lot more to him and his family.

It is clear when he pulls on the green and white jersey that he feels a real affinity with the fans.

He plays with the passion of a supporter and feels the losses as a fan does, as well as enjoying the highs like a supporter.

The fact that Rodgers trusts a 21-year-old with the captaincy shows just how special a talent he is.

Whether he decides to stay at Celtic for the long-term or not, Tierney is a player for the fans.

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