Why Celtic fans should wait another two weeks before we truly start panicking

By David Walton

May 10, 2021

We have every right as Celtic fans to be frustrated with the way the club has gone about its business this season.

The lack of communication has been just as disastrous as the lack of competency in the dugout. The support has felt as though its concerns have gone unheard all campaign. That Celtic have simply stuck a finger in either ear and hoped everything would go away.

That anger or apathy – whatever you’re feeling as an individual Celtic supporter – is undoubtedly playing a part in the atmosphere surrounding the new manager hunt. Celtic simply aren’t being allowed the time to appoint a manager as they normally would. Fans want action taken now and they demand some immediate hope for next season.

Granted, the size of the rebuild hasn’t helped either. Last week, we took an in-depth look at how many players we would likely need next summer. We came to the conclusion that as many as 13 would be needed at the club ahead of the new campaign. That’s in order for us to have at least two players for every position.

So that doesn’t help bring much patience to any of the Celtic fans either. However, the truth is, appointing managers at the end of the season is hardly something Celtic as a club is alien to.

The Daily Record reported that there is no Eddie Howe announcement imminent as recently as Saturday night. That may concern many, but the truth is it’s not that big a concern just yet.

Celtic have two weeks; afterward, fans are entitled to panic

It’s so easy to forget, but the season has still to end. Okay, unofficially for us it finalised as recently as March, or several weeks ago when Rangers knocked us out of the Scottish Cup. But the campaign isn’t officially over for another week.

Celtic’s last 11 managerial appointments deemed “permanent” ones all came in the summer. Not since Lou Macari in October 1993 have Celtic made a permanent appointment whilst a season has been ongoing.

So the timing isn’t unusual. It’s just the anger from the current season combined with concerns over the size of the rebuild that has us all rushing the club.

Dermot Desmond has still to outline the route forward / (Photo by Ross Parker/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Whereas the truth is Celtic really have a two-week timeframe now to get this done. It would be unusual if the new manager, and let’s assume it’s Howe, was to be announced before our final two games. It’s just not something the club has done over the years when preparing to announce a new permanent boss.

However, once our final game with Hibs is out of the way next Saturday, we would hope we can expect something over the course of the week afterward. By that point, we will be less than two months before the Champions League qualifiers. Major personnel decisions will be needed as soon as possible.

If we’re still sitting here in a fortnight having still to hear an announcemend on the way forward for the football club, then it truly will be time to panic for the Celtic fans. The lack of clarity from Parkhead has been majorly concerning all season and continues to be poor. But the timing of a new appointment? There’s actually nothing truly unusual about it just now.

In other news, it’s time for an update on this Celtic youngster’s contract after the recent Karamoko Dembele clarification.