Why Kris Boyd's strange Celtic dig today doesn't even make sense

By John McGinley

March 12, 2022

Kris Boyd’s weird dig at Celtic chairman Ian Bankier for talking about referees when they don’t have VAR as a tool doesn’t even make sense.

The former Rangers striker, a regular on Sky Sports, wrote in his Scottish Sun column: “Refs have always been under enormous pressure in Scotland and it doesn’t help when you have high-profile figures making their life even more difficult.

“Celtic chairman Ian Bankier played to the crowd when lambasting officials at the recent AGM.

“Having been a big noise in the whisky industry I’m sure Bankier would have had ‘deep concerns’ if his firms were operating without the best of equipment. VAR should be a vital ingredient in Scottish football just like malted barley in a single malt.

“There’s also certain pundits who fail to call out blatant wrong decisions that benefit their team just to appease the masses watching on club television.”

Photo by Jshpix/MB Media/Getty Images

Celtic are one of the leading proponents of introducing the VAR system into Scottish football according to reports from Scottish Daily Mail journalist Stephen McGowan.

In fact, it was said Celtic were even losing patience with the way some clubs were dragging their feet on the system being introduced.

Framing the introduction of VAR as some sort of moral Rangers crusade, as the rest of his column comes across, because of some beneficial calls in the Europa League is absurd. Celtic want this as much as anyone.

VAR isn’t going to make referees better at analysing decisions anyway. Many of the refs deserve criticism for poor performances this season. Bankier is allowed to both be in favour of VAR and concerned about the standard of officiating.

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The Celtic chairman made a comment at the AGM but let’s not forget that it’s the Ibrox lot who have been most consistently whining about referees all year.

Boyd seems to be conveniently forgetting the farcical eight-point Rangers letter to the SFA that created more negative headlines for referees than anything else. It’s their support whipped up into a frenzy right now.

It is Boyd’s right to take a swipe at other pundits or club officials, but he might want to look in the mirror when it comes to playing to the gallery given his absurd comments about Celtic captain Callum McGregor recently and the week-to-week nonsense we have to put up with on Sky Sports.

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