Your turn Celtic: a quiz for the board

By Euan Davidson

June 4, 2021

Amongst the utter insanity surrounding Celtic just now, you have to feel bad for the social media team.

None of this is their fault. Wading through negative feedback constantly this season, and into the summer, has to be exhausting. So, occasionally, you’ll want to spice things up. If you’re able to do that with a popular player, all the better.

But on a day like today, with so much tension in the air, dropping a David Turnbull quiz on us is probably not the wisest move.

You can imagine the reaction, if you’ve not seen it or added to it already. And while yes, it reflects poorly on the club, you can’t blame the hard-working folk at Celtic for trying. It’s their superiors who need to deal with the criticism, here.

So, it got us thinking: why not do a quiz of our own? The prizes are wonderful: respect from the supporters, a few more season ticket renewals and the message that things maybe aren’t as chaotic and rudderless at the club as they seem.

Poor David Turnbull. He didn’t ask for this. / (Photo by Aitor Alcalde – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

A quiz for the Celtic board

We’ll start now: no looking at anyone else’s answers, put your phone firmly in your pocket and remember, these are timed.

  1. Why don’t Celtic have a manager, over 100 days after Neil Lennon left?
  2. Why did you refuse to engage with supporters groups over the season ticket/shares proposal?
  3. Are we employing a Director of Football, and why aren’t they in yet?
  4. Was it a contractual obligation to make the Away kit announcement amidst utter chaos?
  5. What role will John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan have next season?
  6. Are we any closer to hiring Ange Postecoglou?
  7. If so, will he be allowed to bring his own staff?
  8. Will the UEFA badges issue be a problem?
  9. Which players are likely to leave in the summer?
  10. Who is in charge of replacing them at this current moment in time?
  11. Who is directing the scouting of potential targets for Celtic?

That’s just some of the many, many questions we have. Answers on a postcard or preferably, official announcement.

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