Celtic derby star Mariah Lee is shooting for SWPL title

By Euan Davidson

April 23, 2021

Celtic FC Women star Mariah Lee just knew she was going to score.

In a tight, physical contest between Celtic and Rangers at Paradise on Wednesday night, chances were at a premium. With the score deadlocked at 0-0, Mariah Lee came on to try to make a difference.

It might’ve made any player nervous. Two huge rivals, a match in a massive stadium, and the knowledge that a loss would build a chasm between Celtic, Rangers and Glasgow City in the SWPL title race. No pressure, then?

Lee told us:

“Fran was just saying ‘you’re gonna score, I can feel it’. So he predicted it! And probably I think I got some tactical stuff, too, but I just remember Fran saying ‘you’re gonna score’, and I was like ‘ok!’

“I wasn’t really nervous. I’m used to having to come on and do stuff and make things happen. I just had confidence that I could do what I do best.

“I felt lucky to play at Celtic Park and I really wanted to take advantage of that opportunity, I was just kinda confident, and ready to rock and roll when I got on the field.

“For sure, I think some people have talked about [the league] just being between Glasgow City and Rangers. We showed last night that we’re in the competition, we’re in the thick of it. We can win the league. And we shouldn’t be out of the conversation, definitely.”

“Ready to rock and roll”; the infectious enthusiasm of Mariah Lee exemplifies why this Celtic team are must-watch

The 24-year-old’s attitude is exactly why Fran Alonso’s side are must-watch at the moment.

Although there’s a title at stake, the free-flowing, attacking football under Alonso can be genuinely breathtaking at times, like the 5-1 win over Spartans [Celtic TV]. The attitude of players like Lee, utterly brimming with confidence, shows the faith the coach has in this talented group of players.

After a vital derby win, Hibs are next up to visit the K-Park. Let’s hope Mariah Lee and her team-mates are ready to rock and roll once more, with Champions League places and even a title still up for grabs.

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