Opponent's comments show how easy it is to get a result against Celtic right now

By John McGinley

April 23, 2021

Aberdeen didn’t have to do anything fancy with tactics to frustrate Celtic on Wednesday. The game plan deployed by new manager Stephen Glass was both a throwback and very simple.

The Dons almost escaped the Pittodrie clash on Wednesday night with a victory for their efforts too, denied by a late goal from Leigh Griffiths.

Aberdeen surrendered most of the possession in the encounter. As shown by the BBC, the home side only managed to have 29% of the ball.

However, that appears to have been part of Glass’s intention, likely knowing that Celtic are incredibly toothless right now whether John Kennedy’s Bhoys have the ball or not.

Speaking to The Evening Express, Glass said: “If we go chasing it high up, we have had hardly any time on the grass to discipline them in the forward areas. It was easier to do it the way we did.

“They found themselves in a low block and a medium block half the time. The discipline in that performance meant that Woodsy didn’t have a whole lot do to. He had a great save in the first half, but other than that I don’t think he got his hands dirty too much.

“We have tried to organise them and put them in a certain structure. Against Celtic we had to sit back more than we would like, which was really apparent.

“When a team like that comes they are controlling the ball and you are a goal up – it happens and the best teams in the world do it. It is not something that is a negative if you are ready to counter and ready to break in the right areas. We showed that against Celtic.”

Celtic need more creative tactics to counter low-block next season

Celtic need to figure out a tactical plan to counter the low block Glass describes. That’s essentially been our downfall this season. For much of the campaign, we weren’t creating the chances needed to beat Scottish Premiership opposition.

It’s easy to frustrate even our best players when they aren’t working as a cohesive unit. More recently, chances have been coming, but there’s been no cutting edge in front of goal.

Aberdeen manager Stephen Glass / (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

If teams sit in against us right now, they’ll have a great chance of picking up at least a draw. We’ve failed to win a massive 14 of our 35 league matches so far this season.

Next year, it needs to be easier to pick up a result against us than having discipline.

Any new manager needs to bring new tactical ideas and new belief to this group of players. Easier said than done, to be fair.

In other news, Celtic have boldly attempted to launch a player of the year event.