Tone deaf Celtic try to launch Player Of The Year event; prompts predictable backlash

By John McGinley

April 23, 2021

Celtic have tried to launch their Player Of The Year event on social media this afternoon, with unintended consequences.

Messages were posted to Twitter and Instagram, with Facebook likely to follow shortly.

The reaction is predictable, but probably not what Celtic were hoping for.

The backlash is about as furious as you’d expect. The below is a sample of the feeling in the Instagram comments.

toddwilson67: Is this a joke?

alanmcgrane1980: You’re having a laugh.

peter.kerr__: Is there an option to say nobody?

paul.darling.31: You guys are having a laugh. there isn’t one player who has delivered this season. Some of them should hand back their wages!

frances_josephine: I thought April Fools Day had passed 🙄

craigjmes99: Read the room.

There are hundreds more like it. The reaction on Twitter is even less pleasant.

Celtic fans can’t really be blamed for the reaction to this

After a potentially historic season of nothing but failure and disappointment, could we not have skipped an awards event this year?

I’m sure there are sponsor considerations – each category listed has one attached – but presumably there are better ways to utilise these brands in communication with the Celtic support.

Let me clear, I don’t think this is the social media team’s fault. The decision to proceed with this probably comes from those with a higher pay grade.

None of these players deserve any credit or recognition for their efforts this season. Surely Celtic can see that?

The Celtic Huddle / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s absurd to me that anyone at the club thinks any of us want this. Everyone wants to forget about this season as quickly as possible.

Amid the silence of our future plans and manager hunt, I’m pretty sure this is the last thing we want to see on club social media channels. It’s the kind of thing we’d probably laugh at Rangers for in the past.

As one fan said above, read the room Celtic.

In other news, Mariah Lee has spoken to 67 Hail Hail about scoring against Rangers on Wednesday night.