"An interesting experience"; new MLS man Andrew Gutman has no Celtic regrets

By Euan Davidson

March 27, 2021

Andew Gutman may not have left much of a mark at Celtic, but Celtic certainly left a mark on him.

Sadly, the American could never break into the First Team. We don’t actually know whether that’s down to his quality or lack thereof. In a frustrating 2 year stint at Celtic, he wasn’t able to actually play a competitive fixture for the Bhoys.

Now, he’s at the New York Red Bulls, but there’s no bitterness or regret on Gutman’s part. In what was a sudden and surprising move, supporters believed that we didn’t have long to wait on the full-back. That, we’d eventually see Gutman playing for the Bhoys, having had a decent pre-season with us in summer 2019.

Alas, it didn’t quite work out that way.

For the 24-year-old left-back, the experience of training in Europe with the storied Celts was a huge learning opportunity. In a press conference late yesterday, Gutman exhibited his remarkably mature attitude.

Speaking to assorted US journalists, Gutman described his time at Celtic [NYRB]:

“It was an interesting experience. I was over there a few times for a couple months, I was never able to get my work visa, so I think the longest I could stay there was three months at a time.

“Even though it didn’t work out the way I wanted to, or the club wanted to, I thought it was an invaluable experience. Just to see what a top team in Europe is like, what the top players over there are like.

“It was great for my confidence. Every training session I was there, I never felt out of place. I never felt like this level was unattainable for me. So then when I came back into [the] MLS, my confident was sky-high.

“I knew that I was able to compete with some top pros. The MLS has some top pros as well, and it was just a great confidence booster for me.”

Andrew Gutman battling back in 2017 / (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

MLS men Andrew Gutman and Cameron Harper: from Celtic to New York

Of course, Gutman isn’t the only American player to leave Celtic recently. Nor, is he the only one to try his luck in New York. Discovered by Tommy Burns’ son, Cameron Harper looked on the verges of playing for Celtic’s first team. Ultimately, for whatever reason, that didn’t happen.

Despite giving it his best in a tough game against Hibs, we never saw Harper play for the club again. Gutman had his say on working with the USMNT youth winger:

“It was kind of later when Cam started to come up with the U23s and the First Team. So yeah, we trained a little bit together. Got to know each other a little bit.

“Even when I was starting to figure out if I was coming to New York, I was messaging him about it. We were both excited we’re going to be on the same team again.”

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