Ange Postecoglou goes in depth on the next Celtic captain question; will likely come from within

By John McGinley

June 27, 2021

Ange Postecoglou has delivered a strong hint that the next Celtic captain will come from within the current group – and has singled out Callum McGregor as someone he wants to speak to about the role.

Postecoglou has yet to officially name the next club captain. It’ll be one of the major decisions he has to make over the next few weeks.

Scott Brown has left to join Aberdeen, leaving a massive gap of leadership in the dressing room. The new boss is a huge admirer of the former Celtic midfielder. The legend will be difficult to replace.

As quoted by The Scotsman, the 55-year-old said: “Scott Brown was a tremendous influence on and off the field. I haven’t met him, I’ve just watched from afar, and being at the club the way people talk about him he was an unbelievable leader. So with him gone there is a vacuum.

“It’s about seeing now whether there is somebody within the club who wants to step up. It’s often difficult when you have such a powerful figure there. Others maybe don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves, as much – out of respect more than anything else.”

Postecoglou set for talks on Celtic captain role

Many have tipped McGregor to be named as Brown’s successor. When that was put to Postecoglou, he admitted it’s something he’ll consider. He had the chance to watch McGregor in action for Scotland against England.

The new Celtic boss continued to The Scotsman: “Obviously with me coming in things will change in the way we train and some of the values we put across. If there’s somebody within the club – my instincts are it will be within the club – that someone will step up. I have only had limited experience of Callum but I watched him live and I thought he had a tremendous tournament, irrespective of his goal [against Croatia]. He grew into the tournament. Even in that last game, he was in the middle of everything, he really wanted to be involved and take a leadership role.

“He is certainly one that I will sit down and chat to. He has a great history around the club and I kind of think he will come back really motivated, really wanting to take this club up. McGregor is definitely one of the people I will be looking to for leadership, irrespective of whether he is captain or not. I see him as a very influential figure for sure.”

It’s a new dawn at Celtic / (Credit – Celtic FC)

Right now, McGregor will remain the smart bet to become captain. Postecoglou’s comments have done little to change that. If anything, it strengthens the argument.

However, it’s an immense role and we may well get the best out of McGregor if he’s not laboured with the tag. So you can understand why Postecoglou doesn’t want to rush into anything.

In other news, Ange Postecoglou has already identified the gaps in the Celtic squad.