Ange Postecoglou's powerful answer on the support sums up force of Celtic that rivals can't keep up with

By John McGinley

March 3, 2023

Ange Postecoglou has been speaking about developing the relationship he enjoys with Celtic fans today, after his third trophy success since arriving in Glasgow.

Postecoglou and the Celtic support are famously in lock-step with each other on his journey of constant improvement. He fully understands and appreciates what we want and, in turn, our adoration is obvious.

The Bhoys boss has often talked about the fans of Celtic and how he devotes his working life to ensuring memories are created for them.

Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

His latest answer on how this mutual appreciation has come about really hammers home how vital the synergy between fans and team has been – to the point that it even helped sink Rangers on Sunday in the Scottish League Cup final.

Attending today’s media conference event, I wanted to know how Ange sees his active engagement with the fans and whether it’s something he encourages behind-the-scenes with players – or if it is just a natural by-product of how they go about their business.

Ange Postecoglou on his relationship with Celtic fans

Postecoglou told 67 Hail Hail: “It’s a little bit of both. I’m not one to force these things. People figured out pretty quickly I wasn’t going to tell our supporters how they should feel about us and our performances and I certainly don’t tell the players how they should feel about our support.

“The perfect scenario is, as you said, there’s a synergy there. Both are working as one and understand. From my perspective, I think I had the clearest indications really early on that the supporters, whilst very demanding in terms of success, they are also pretty clear about what they want to see when their football team plays.

“I think they saw that fairly early on in my tenure. Albeit our results weren’t always there, but just the way we were trying to play our football. I think the players I brought to the club, there was certainly an acknowledgement from the supporters that ‘okay, we’ll give you a little bit of time for results but at least we can see that what you’re saying is you’re endeavouring to build.’ Obviously, my role after that was that I’ve got to bring results as well.

“From there it has grown. You can see that in the way the players respond to our supporters and the way the supporters respond to the players. The gameday experience now is that everyone is rowing the same way. Whether things are going really well for us on the field or there’s a period in the game there might be a grind, you get the sense the supporters and the players are understanding that if we stick to the things that are important to us, we’ll find our way through.

“I think you sensed that on Sunday, through the patch where we hand to grind things out. We did that and our supporters were right behind us through that time. That sort of thing needs to happen naturally and it happens naturally when there’s an alignment of the vision that we have as a football club and the vision our supporters have for us.”

As Postecoglou notes, this trust between both parties has grown during his time here. And it’s likely to only grow further and get more intense, further enhancing a fully united and powerful Celtic on matchdays.

This unity is not even close to being replicated across the city. And that, more than anything, sums up the size of the gap between where both clubs are at right now.

It really feels, in this atmosphere, that so much can still be achieved by this staff and these players. As the manager always says, this team isn’t even close to where he wants to bring them in the end.

That, combined with the momentum that fans are also bringing to the table, must be frightening for the opposition.

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