"Beyond belief"; Chris Sutton takes aim at Celtic board after Eddie Howe failure

By Euan Davidson

May 29, 2021

So, after a day of utter drama surrounding Eddie Howe, Celtic and the manager’s job, some venting needs to be done.

God knows, we’ve been at it. It’s been an utterly frustrating situation, and Bhoys supporters have been thoroughly disappointed by events from Parkhead. There’s been a full 24 hours of claim, counter-claim, rumour and speculation. That follows a good three months of the same, but with marginally less intensity.

So, Chris Sutton’s column was a welcome read. The former Hoops striker is rarely one to hold back, and he summed up the feelings of the supporters pretty succinctly, claiming that it was “amateur hour” at Celtic Park.

Sutton said [Daily Record]:

“Surely Howe would have assurances from those guys that they were prepared to leave Bournemouth if he was telling Celtic he wanted the job?

“It’s beyond belief and it just comes across as amateur hour.

“How can you go from just needing to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s to sitting at the end of May without a manager?

“This is not how big clubs behave. Celtic are due to report back for pre-season training on June 17. They have a Champions League qualifier in 50-odd days.

“Yet right now they look like a shambles.

“The suggestion is they are at an advanced stage with another candidate, but it’s hard to see how that can be the case when all their eggs were in one basket.”


Sutton absolutely nails the Eddie Howe frustration

Chris Sutton has divided the support at times this year. However, he’s particularly good at summing up the raw emotions of a football fan when utter calamity strikes. Granted, he’s also the go-to for goading and gloating, something we’ll hopefully get back to before too long.

Sutton continued [Daily Record]:

“The club must be in full panic mode.

“It’s all right playing the blame game but Peter Lawwell should have had this nailed down back in February.

“The writing was on the wall for Neil Lennon from before Christmas. The next manager should have been lined up so when he left the new man could come straight in.

“I get that Howe was seen as the outstanding candidate and he was worth the wait, but Celtic gave up on their entire season and nothing was ever set in stone.

“They were left flapping in the wind and were wide open to this kind of collapse happening.

“I really can’t get my head around it.”

Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton / (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

At this point, it feels like everything that can be said has been said

I don’t know how to spell it onomatopoeically, but I type this while letting out the longest sigh that’s ever been performed. We left ourselves wide open to this. Me, you and let’s be fair, most of the Celtic support probably believed it was a matter of time with Eddie Howe. Because there was so much to suggest that was the case, and little for the opposite.

If you were cynical from the off, then fair play.

It really is staggering to see a club that looked so pristine and PR-savvy scramble around like this. If we thought this season as a whole has been rough, the last day or two is the whole campaign in a microcosm. Just hopeless, aimless leadership, staggering from one crisis to the next.

At least we can take solace in the fact that we’re entitled to have a moan. There’s no debate here; we’re allowed to be angry, allowed to be despondent and allowed to bemoan this board. The support has been divided over a number of issues, sure, but the sheer incompetence from the board in hiring a suitable manager can surely unite us all for a brief moment, if just to say a collection of words in unison that are frankly unprintable here.

We move on, I suppose.

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