Another Celtic statement that failed to take responsibility

By John McGinley

May 28, 2021

Celtic claim the breakdown in discussions to appoint Eddie Howe was outwith both their and his control.

Even if you take that statement at face value and accept it – they miss the point.

Even when the club messes up a long, drawn-out process such as this, which is fairly unprecedented, they still fail to take responsibility for their failings.

The issue with this saga is that Celtic put themselves in a position to be dictated to by a manager for so long without any sort of guarantee he’d end up in the dugout.

If you buy into the club’s versions of events they were let down on his side given he couldn’t deliver the backroom staff he wanted to work with.

Did no one think to check with them before embarking on this ridiculous period of silence and expectation? Surely if Howe had been lined up we’d have known the availability of the staff he wanted?

Celtic supporters have been through the wringer this season. Finishing 25 points behind Rangers was shambolic in a season we were going for the mythical ten-in-a-row. Collapsing in Europe. Beaten in derby after derby. Suffering through the Dubai debacle. Enduring an increasingly belligerent Neil Lennon. Watching on as Celtic Park was fenced off. It hasn’t been pretty.

Yet all we heard from the club was about the ‘mitigating factors’ that led to our demise.

We did finally get an apology from the club on Wednesday, but only in conjunction with a plea to shell out hundreds of more pounds.

Yes, this week that support have been asked to renew season tickets with all this drama in the background. The club claim that fans have responded with overwhelming sales.

And what do they get in return? This final kick in the gut.

Ultimately if the club couldn’t deliver Howe it should have been identified long before now. That’s what was within the club’s control. We’ve been led down a garden path to the edge of a cliff.

We’re less than two months away from European qualifiers. We have a gargantuan squad rebuild to go through. Appointing a new manager is simply long overdue.

The Celtic statement confirmed Eddie Howe won’t be joining Celtic / (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

The club claim we are in advanced discussions with another manager, but what trust can we have in that? Not to mention that the world now knows he is second-choice.

I get that Celtic don’t want to appear weak in their statement. I get they can’t be dishing out apologies to supporters every few days.

But we’re in a hell of a situation and all the club wants to do is project ‘business as usual’ as a badge of honour when all it is is an abdication of responsibility.

Until the club starts owning its mistakes and making meaningful changes we’re going to be stuck in this rut.

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