Celtic again deny local press to cover match; Killie Standard barred

By Euan Davidson

December 12, 2020

With every match, there’s a new PR disaster for the Celtic board.

After last week’s debacle with the Courier, Celtic have one again denied reporters from local press to cover a match. Lochlin Highet of the Kilmarnock Standard was the latest journalist stymied by the board’s bizarre decision making.

Speaking on Twitter, Highet expressed his dismay at the decision, while affirming that Killie fans wouldn’t actually be allowed to watch the game legally.

Highet said:

Scenes like this one are BANNED / (Via Getty Images Creative)

Remarkably small-time stuff

Couple of things here:

  1. Are the Celtic board just fully unable to learn from their mistakes?
  2. Is there not a situation where a reporter could safely watch the match from within the stadium?

With Glasgow back into a Tier 3 lockdown (Glasgow Live), surely there is some flexibility here. Locals will be allowed to enter shops, use public transport or even get a tattoo if they so please.

So, why can’t a football journalist do his job, metres away from the nearest colleague? Equally, if the players are allowed to come into close physical proximity with each other, how is there a higher risk for journalists in the stands?

Or, is there something more sinister at play here? Why, apart from Coronavirus concerns, would the press not be allowed into Celtic Park? We doubt Peter Lawwell is running some kind of North Korea-style tyrannical regime at the club, so why aren’t he and the board more flexible?

At this point, we can only offer our solidarity and support to colleagues in the Scottish football media. While we’re fan-led and fan-run, we completely understand the vital role that regional press plays. It’s an absolute nonsense that both the Courier and the Kilmarnock Standard have been denied entry.

With Killie fans now unable to either see the game or get a report from a trained journalist at the stadium, we couldn’t blame them for being angry at Celtic right now.

Truth is, we’re right there with you.