Celtic and Adidas announce further 'Trainingwear' drops

By Euan Davidson

July 15, 2021

The collaboration between Celtic and Adidas has again borne fruit.

After the successful training and casual wear drops from 20-21, the German manufacturer have gone full steam ahead for the new campaign. Celtic announced today that new ‘Trainingwear’ items had been added to the shop [Celtic FC].

And, at the risk of editorialising, it’s fair to say a lot of Celtic fans are going to like what they see. Even if the term ‘Trainingwear’ is all one word.

Building on the simple, but effective, designs from last year, Adidas have taken a similar tack. The tricolour stripe design from 20-21 has been abandoned, with white and grey adorning the famous three stripes.

Judging from last year’s third kit [Celtic FC], Adidas have learned that the Celtic crest on black works pretty well indeed. While the hitherto most recent training apparel release utilised mint green, solid black silhouettes seem to be the theme for the latest drops.

Is it too much, though? Celtic have now released over 50 ‘Trainingwear’ items ahead of the 21-22 season. Of course, there’s always an appetite for Bhoys clobber, but with three kits being released (as per the norm nowadays), there’s now a heck of a lot of Celtic-branded apparel.

The collectors won’t mind, of course. And, from Celtic’s perspective, it could be a good use for the £50 voucher that came with this year’s season ticket. It’s only valid until the end of September, after all.

Celtic and Adidas continue to give supporters options, but some of the pricing leaves a lot to be desired

Of course, no Celtic supporter is obligated to buy anything. It’d be unreasonable to assume either the club, Adidas, or other Celtic fans believe that to be the case.

However, some of the price points are interesting to say the least. This jacket, for example, will set you back a cool £130 [Celtic FC].

Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images

The pre-match training top is a looker, for sure. It looks as if it’s inspired by Jackson Pollock, which is bold for football gear. However, it’s nearly as expensive as one of the three official match jerseys [Celtic FC].

If the demand is there, and fans buy the Trainingwear in their thousands, then fair enough. However, it’s perhaps a bit much to ask of regular supporters during a pandemic.

At the very least, the players are going to look good at training. With the intensity of Ange Postecoglou’s methodology, the apparel will no doubt be tested throughout the Greek-Australian’s tenure at Celtic.

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