How long Celtic retail voucher is valid for and other season ticket must-knows

By David Walton

May 26, 2021

Celtic today announced their season-ticket renewal campaign as they tried to provide some new benefits to supporters.

For those who renew, the club will throw in a host of perks that have so far failed to impress the fans. A £50 retail voucher for Celtic stores? Check. Free entry to an SWPL women’s match? Check. A free training day for supporters to attend at Celtic Park? Check. There are also several more discounts on restaurants, stadium tours, and Celtic soccer academy skill schools.

Celtic have also announced that they’ve frozen their season ticket prices this year. This comes after a hellish campaign last season in which fan apathy reached its peak.

However, it’s time to get into some of the more important points that fans may have missed. If you’re wondering whether to renew your season ticket, here’s a look at some of the must-knows:

1. Firstly, how long do I have to make my mind up?

Celtic fans have until 5pm on June 25th 2021 to renew their season ticket for next season.

2. How many and what home matches are included?

  • Adult season tickets and 65/65+ season tickets are valid for 21 home matches including all 19 SPFL home games. A pre-season friendly against Preston on July 17th along with Celtic’s Champions League second qualifying round home clash on July 20/21 will also be included. Celtic have also thrown in the pre-season friendly against West Ham at Celtic Park on July 24th. If no spectators or limited spectators are allowed, they can be watched via the Pass to Paradise service.
  • Under 13, 13-16, 17-18, and student season tickets are valid for 21 matches including all SPFL league matches and other games nominated by the club.
  • All Opt Out tickets from under-13s to 17-18, as well as Student Opt Out Tickets, are valid for all home SPFL league matches, excluding any matches against Rangers. Holders will have the chance to buy a full-price adult match ticket for entry to the Stadium for any such match.
  • Special season-ticket holders (for sections 115 to 118, half of section 416, and 417 to 419) are valid for all home SPFL league games excluding matches vs Rangers. Special season-ticket holders also aren’t guaranteed an opportunity to buy a ticket for Rangers games.

3. When will season-ticket payments come out and when will I receive it?

The first deposit for season-tickets will be taken by the club on Monday, June 21st. The rest of the installments will come out on 27th August, 24th September, and 29th October.

Any supporters who want to opt-out of an automatic renewal need to do so before Monday 14th June. You can do this by returning the tear-off slip on the letter of your renewal pack.

New season ticket holders or holders who changed category or seat should have their tickets no later than 14 days before they’re first allowed entry into Celtic Park. This is unless the club is prevented from doing so due to Covid restrictions.

Existing season-ticket holders will not need a new card. Their current one will simply be reactivated.

Youth and Student Opt Out season ticket holders who choose to opt-in for Rangers games will also receive a new card.

4. How will Celtic select who gets into the stadium for reduced capacity matches?

Celtic Park / (Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images)

It looks as though reduced capacity games are here to stay for some time. This will mean plenty of supporters may not be able to go to certain games and will instead have to watch via the Pass to Paradise system.

The club will operate an opt-in online ballot – season ticket holders will not be entered into this automatically. These will determine who gets in for specific matches. Celtic have promised to issue further info on this ahead of any reduced capacity games hosted at Parkhead.

5. How long is my £50 retail voucher valid for? When will I get it?

Celtic have stated that vouchers for those who renew will reach them within the next four weeks. If you haven’t received yours by June 30th, you’ve to contact the club.

The vouchers will only be valid until 30th September 2021, so don’t hold off waiting to use it for a Christmas present in December! Any vouchers not used will simply see the cash go back into the club.

All Adidas kit and training gear can be bought using the voucher too. There appears to be no particular limit on what can be bought, so long as it’s at an official Celtic store.

As many as four different gift cards can be combined in one transaction.

6. And what about the Home Cup Ticket Scheme?

This year, season-ticket holders have until Friday July 30th to sign up for the Home Cup Ticket Scheme.

The scheme won’t operate so long as behind-closed-door matches or limited capacity matches are in place. Those who have signed up will need to enter an online ballot process. Further info on that will be provided in the run-up to any reduced capacity home cup matches.

Remember, if you sign up for the scheme, you’re signing up to take every single home cup game while the scheme is in operation. These include domestic cup games and European ties. Those who can’t attend won’t be able to bag a refund.

As always, semi-finals and finals are not provided in the scheme. Those who are part of it, however, will have a greater chance of being allocated semi-final and final tickets.

For full details on any and all questions, Celtic have published an official FAQs page for supporters.

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