Celtic hero Chris Sutton pokes fun at Ibrox slogan after being ludicrously barred again

By Euan Davidson

November 24, 2021

Celtic favourite Chris Sutton has given his take after Rangers once again barred him from punditry duty at Ibrox.

Sutton and BT Sport now face the ludicrous proposition of analysing a Rangers game from an empty Celtic Park. And all because… they don’t care for his brand of punditry?

It’s ridiculous, of course it is. And with brevity, Sutton has slapped down the slogan used by the Rangers marketing department to espouse tolerance. The irony, clearly, is not lost on Mr Sutton.

Hardly “no-one likes us, we don’t care”.

He tweeted:

Sometimes, it’s the shortest, most obvious digs that work the best.

Imagine this happening elsewhere. Fine, Rangers are hardly going to be the biggest fans of Chris Sutton, but he talks about the club in the context of football matches.

He’s hardly outside Ibrox with spray paint every weekend. Instead, he’s a title-winner in Scotland and England with insights on the game of football.

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Yes, Sutton is an outspoken pundit, but to bar him from the stadium entirely? Again? It comes across as extremely small-time behaviour.

Understandably, BT Sport are baffled by it all. A source told The Sun:

“It’s going to look pretty strange when they’re analysing the game from an empty stadium.

“But Chris Sutton is a valued member of the BT Sport team so when Gers told them he wasn’t welcome they didn’t hesitate to change their plans.

“There was no way they would leave Chris.”

Rangers fans will point out Celtic parallels, but nobody wins from this Chris Sutton farce

Have Celtic banned pundits in the past? Yes; a while back, Andy Walker was banned from both Celtic Park and Ibrox. Although at the time, a lot of supporters agreed with the comments he made about his former club.

Supporters weren’t delighted about it, to say the least. The idea that critics of the club weren’t allowed in to do their job is ridiculous. If it happened tomorrow at Celtic Park, even if it was Kris Boyd, we’d argue against it.

So, Chris Sutton is right to be utterly bemused by this. More than anything, it’s just a sad situation.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

If this is the future of mainstream punditry then it’s a damaging sign. It makes our game look petty. Imagine Arsenal wouldn’t let Gary Lineker comment on their games because he played for Tottenham Hotspur? The outcry would be wide-ranging.

Much like the ridiculous Glasgow Derby ticket scenario, this comes across as incredibly bitter and misguided.

Sutton is right to point out the hypocrisy.

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