Celtic legend Kenny Dalglish raises concerns as Scottish FA appoint new compliance officer

By John McGinley

February 21, 2021

Celtic legend Kenny Dalglish has questioned the use of Scottish FA compliance officers, after the appointment of Andrew Phillips to the role last week.

The compliance officer is the person who decides whether unseen incidents in matches should go in front of a three-man refereeing panel following a review of video footage.

It’s a controversial position and the person involved can be the subject of much debate.

Dalglish doesn’t doubt Phillips’ credentials but wonders whether Scottish football even needs such a role.

Writing in his Sunday Post column today (21/02 print edition Post Match supplement page 11), Dalglish explained: “From the outside looking in, it seems to be a very complex job, high-pressured and one that doesn’t have its problems to seek. But does it need to be that way? Indeed, I’d ask if it is absolutely necessary to even have a compliance officer?

“Does the person with the title need to be a lawyer? What are the exact guidelines and parameters that Andrew has to work under? And just what will he do all week?

“I know part of the job is to correct any perceived wrongs from the weekend’s football action. But Andrew will need to be careful that he’s not constantly undermining the referees and officials.

“I’d like to think that a big part of the job is about understanding and communication. It can’t all just be about the letter of the law.”

Dalglish goes on to call for heavier involvement with referees and the PFA when citing players and making decisions via the current SFA system.

This position will continue to be divisive, regardless of who is in charge, so Phillips has his work cut out.

Celtic legend Kenny Dalglish / (Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

Pundits and supporters are never shy to stick the boot in and far too often it comes down to what team they support.

Ultimately, any system that helps bring proper justice for off the ball incidents and violence caught on camera should be welcomed.

Probably best to lay off citing players for ‘diving’ after contact in the box though.

In other news, the latest Neil Lennon nonsense is just further proof Celtic need change ASAP.