Celtic painted Dubai trip as an intense training camp; so why was Chris Jullien there?

By David Walton

January 11, 2021

Celtic tried for a week to paint as Dubai an intense a trip as possible; so question marks, therefore, have to be asked about Chris Jullien.

Celtic today confirmed that it was indeed Jullien who picked up Covid. He was the positive test reported earlier this week. And, given the fact a plethora ofother first-team players as well as Neil Lennon and John Kennedy must self-isolate, it was clear the Frenchman was in Dubai.

Nothing wrong with that is there? After all, Jullien is our big £7millon stalwart (Scottish Sun). One of Lennon’s biggest and perhaps best signings since he returned to the club.

Well, actually, there is a massive question to be asked. Not least of all because Jullien is out for several months with a knee injury (BBC). He won’t be making any form of major impact on the campaign between now and the end of the season.

Celtic’s main defence against the government’s questioning of their trip is that it was essential for competitive reasons. That it was a trip needed to train for elite competition.

The club spent the entire week portraying it as such on social media. We had players and the manager coming out talking about how vital the trip was. That it was anything but a holiday? Well, I would love to know what Jullien’s week contained.

No excuses for Celtic arriving in Dubai with Jullien

When we say we’re looking for answers here, there is no excuse. Nothing the club can fabricate or conjure up that can explain why the Frenchman went. If he’s injured, he can’t take part in any of this seemingly intense training that’s going on.

The club must’ve known this could’ve been a potential outcome too. They know Jullien could’ve been either one of the positive cases or a close contact. If that was to have been revealed then the same questions would’ve been put forward.

But hey ho, this is typical of how our season has gone so far. Goodness knows who else went on the trip that had no real essential reason to be there. It totally dismisses Celtic’s persistent stance of the importance of heading to the UAE.

Celtic defender Christopher Jullien picked up an injury last month / (Photo by Craig Foy/SNS Group via Getty Images)

And it’s important not to single out Jullien here for any sort of blame. If the club has told him to head over, he has to abide by his employer’s wishes. Yes there is perhaps the moral element of going, but it’s not worth having a major pop at the Frenchman for.

Nope, this sits solely at the door of Lennon, Peter Lawwell, Dermot Desmond, and whoever else was happy to sign off on Dubai.

They now owe the supporters a massive apology. One for going in the first place, and for potentially spreading a positive case around.

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